(*) Direct, employ and guide a variety of complex, computational sequence analysis (mathematical and computing) tools to model and analyze molecular biological data.

(*) Design, create, set up and manage large biological computer databases.

(*) Guide the computational sequence analysis methods for database searches and analysis of resulting data, which may include utilizing existing or developing new algorithms, techniques, and computational statistical methodologies and theories to analyze datasets.

(*) Work collaboratively with scientific project teams to successfully implement users’ needs in database searching and integration, which includes interpretation of similarity of sequence searches, multiple sequence alignments and gene expression patterns, and the quality control of sequence data.

(*) Maintain the computational infrastructure, as well as control the flow of samples and information for project studies.

(*) Troubleshoot or modify procedures as required.

(*) Provide web-based bioinformatics and access to public and proprietary relational databases.

(*) Independently conduct a variety of standard and complex bioinformatics design and development of software systems.

(*) May plan and conduct a project to complete a research plan.

(*) Independently may determine methods and procedures on new assignment and provide guidance to lower level personnel.

(*) Perform other related duties as required or assigned.

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