The Scripps Research Institute is starting a new Center for Computational Biology and will have roles for beginning, intermediate and advanced bioinformatics analyst roles. The Bioinformatics Analyst will work closely with research scientists in support of a diverse set of research programs to design, develop, implement and maintain, informatics analysis services for the Center for Computational Biology. Performs professional software systems design engineering, including providing support to design efforts in the development of computer systems software. Develops web-based software tools and data-integration applications for both administrative and scientific end users.

(*) Assists faculty and scientific staff with experimental design and data acquisition.
(*) Performs analyses of scientific data and provides interpretations to investigators.
(*) Designs, modifies, and enhances custom databases.
(*) Develops data analysis options and charge rates in collaboration with center director.
(*) Research and solve genomics and/or proteomics data integration and analysis problems.
(*) Participates in the selection and testing, and oversees the installation of new software.
(*) Assists and advises scientific and administrative departments in evaluating, developing, implementing, and integrating complex Web-based applications.
(*) Develops complex web applications based on lab/department requirements.
(*) Develops web and client-based software tools which facilitate organization of, access to, and utilization of this data.
(*) Writes and documents code that assists in process automation, data sharing between systems, and metric reporting.
(*) Diagnoses and resolves complex software problems.
(*) Performs other duties assigned.

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