The Bridgeport Indian Colony (BIC), a federally-recognized Tribal government, seeks an experienced professional to join its staff as Tribal Administrator. Under the direction of the Tribal Chairman, the Tribal Administrator is responsible for providing leadership, staff development, budgeting, and day-to-day operations and management of key programs and services in accordance with policies and procedures and current tribal, federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern the Tribe’s operations.


Duties and Responsibilities:

1.               Responsible for daily operations of the Tribal office and programs

2.               Provides direct supervision of staff

3.               Responsible for compliance of personnel system to include worker’s compensation benefit compliance, personnel records and legal requirements as mandated under federal and tribal laws

4.               Recommend, coordinate staff, board and community member training

5.               Works directly with the Tribal Council and committees to provide administrative support, prioritize and carry out the goals and objectives of the Tribe

6.               Responsible for management and compliance with all Tribal contracts and grants

7.               Provides monthly reports to the Tribal Council on the status of assignments, projects, programs and activities with the Tribe’s operations

8.               Provides regular communication with Tribal members on Tribal activities

9.               Responsible for providing oversight and direction on the fiscal management systems of the Tribe as well as development and monitoring of operating budgets. Works closely with the Tribal Council Treasurer

10.            Responsible for maintaining compliance and working with Tribal Committees to update Tribal Constitution, Bylaws, Ordinances and all administrative policies and procedures

11.            Serves as a liaison with outside federal, state and local agencies on behalf of the Tribal Council

12.            Research and recommend funding opportunities that will benefit the Tribe and members

13.            Works with the Tribal Council to research, review and recommend strategies for economic development projects

14.            Performs other related duties and responsibilities as assigned


Knowledge of:

Principles and practices of employment laws, human resources, property and contract management
Principles and practices of government fund accounting, general accounting and auditing, fiscal operations, budget and audit preparations
Tribal government operations and best practice principles in program development and management
Working with Tribal communities and agencies
Ability to:

Work effectively with Tribal Councils, Committees, community members and outside Federal, State and local agencies
Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
Work flexible hours and travel out of the area for meetings and training
Plan, develop, implement and evaluate short and long term goals of the Tribe for economic development, social services, education, training and business management projects
Identify funding opportunities and develop proposals for submission for existing and new contracts
Must be able to oversee the implementation of an automated office system with the ability to work with Microsoft Office Suite programs

1.               Bachelor’s Degree in business or Public Administration or similar field preferred.

2.               Minimum of three years of management or program supervisory experience.

3.               Demonstrated experience managing tribal government operations, tribal communities and agencies is highly desired

4.               Demonstrated knowledge of principles and practices of governmental fund accounting, general accounting and auditing, fiscal operations, budget and audit preparation and property and contract management.

5.               Demonstrated knowledge of principles and practices of employment laws and human resources practices.

6.               Strong written and verbal communication skills, including competency with computer applications.  Clear, articulate and compassionate when communicating with others via phone, e-mail, one on one, or in a group setting.

7.               Knowledge of the Indian community and sensitivity to the needs of the community is required.

8.               Must be able to obtain and retain a valid driver’s license and be insurable under Tribal insurance program.

9.               Must possess an awareness and appreciation of American Indian culture.

10.            Experience working with a tribal entity developing or implementing cultural programs is highly desired.  Prefer candidates with knowledge of local Indian communities.

11.            Experience with finding and securing program funding is highly desired.

12.            Must be self-motivated, assertive, and creative and have the ability to develop a program from the ground up.

Interested applicants should send in a complete Bridgeport Indian Colony application and resume.

Contact Information:

Call:                (760) 932-7083
Email:             adminasst@bridgeportindiancolony.com
Fax:                 (760) 932-7846
Send application and resume to:

Bridgeport Indian Colony

P.O. Box 37

Bridgeport, CA  93517

(760) 932-7083



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About Bridgeport Indian Colony

The Bridgeport Indian Colony (BIC) is located just outside of Bridgeport, California, located in the Eastern Sierra Mountain range.  Our community consists of descendants from Miwok, Mono, Paiute, Shoshone, and the Washoe tribes. The general membership presently consists of 1109 members, extending from the west to east coast.  Our community is what gives BIC a strong and powerful foundation.