The Director of the Center for Computational Biology will oversee the design and execution of the Center’s strategic vision, and will integrate with multiple other high-throughput data-generating core laboratories at TSRI. The Center’s goals are to provide exceptional computational analysis services, to foster long-term collaborations with the research community, and to educate the research community on analysis tools and techniques. The Center currently has a heavy emphasis on genomics and transcriptomics analyses, and that scope may expand to proteomics, metabolomics, and chemo-informatics in the future.


(*) Direct the strategic vision and operational use of the Center for Computational Biology.
(*) Manage bioinformatics analysts and staff, including hiring and training.
(*) Provide support to faculty, staff and clients with experimental design, analysis and integration with TSRI’s genomic, proteomic and high-throughput screening cores.
(*) Oversee the bioinformatics analysts providing support to faculty, staff and clients with experimental design and data acquisition and analysis.
(*) Ensure performance of the core in providing bioinformatics services investigators and research staff.
(*) Responsible for the overall budgeting and planning of the core.
(*) Identify funding opportunities, submit core grants and reports on facility use.
(*) Develop data analysis options and charge rates in collaboration with Core Services Director.
(*) Oversee and set research fees for use of the core and monthly charge-back invoice process.
(*) Oversee the design and enhancements of custom built servers and databases.
(*) Manage the selection, implementation and testing of new software.
(*) Collaborate and advise scientific and administrative departments in evaluating, developing, implementing, and integrating complex Web-based applications.
(*) Oversee analysts’ development of complex web applications based on research requirements.
(*) Oversee the development and documentation of web interfaces for existing system management functions, help desk system, configuration management, relational databases, as well as for other applications using Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Cold Fusion, Java Servlets and Java Server Pages.
(*) Oversee the development of web and client-based software tools which facilitate organization of, access to, and utilization of this data.
(*) In collaboration with the Core Services Director, this position will also be responsible for ensuring long-term sustainability by effectively serving Institute and Faculty needs.
(*) Establishing the Center’s business model, leading outreach activities to faculty, leading fundraising activities through core grants and collaborative grants with faculty, and managing, hiring, and/or training bioinformatics analysts.
(*) Review of writing and documents code that assists in process automation, data sharing between systems, and metric reporting.
(*) Oversee resolving complex software and hardware problems.
(*) Performs other duties assigned.

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