Job Description:

**Job Id** T1953112

**Job Title** Compute System Architect

**Company-Division** Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

CDMA Technology at http://www.qualcomm.com/about/businesses/qct

**Job Area** Engineering – Systems

**Location** California – San Diego

**Overview** Join a world-class computer architecture team to influence Qualcomm’s technical direction, lead the industry, and impact the world!

We are a small team focusing on CPU & heterogeneous compute within Qualcomm’s overall SoC Architecture Team. We develop and apply computer architecture methods to study architectural tradeoffs, project performance, make recommendations, write specifications, analyze the competition, and invent novel solutions.

Our team is small but dynamic and very impactful — we influence both core and chip-level HW design teams and software within the overall Qualcomm chip organization.

Best of all, we help shape the architectures in our system-on-chip (SoC) Snapdragon processors shipping in billions of smartphones, tablets, and other devices!

**We have openings for both experienced leadership roles as well as for individual contributors who are ready to work side-by-side with fellow system architects to apply computer architecture concepts to the real world.**

**Core Skills Required:**

+ Concepts: CPU, GPU, DSP, heterogeneous computing, system architecture, out-of-order, superscalar pipelines, branch prediction, caches, memory hierarchy, multicore, cache coherency, Amdahl’s Law, Little’s Law, queuing theory, interconnects, memory scheduling, DDR, JIT

+ Languages: C/C++, SystemC, JavaScript, Python or Perl, Java, GCC, LLVM,

+ Operating Systems: Linux, Android, Windows, iOS application programming and kernels

+ Architectures: ARM ISA, x86, JVM, Dalvik

+ Tools: simulators, emulators, GEM5, Dinero, DS-5 Streamline, Lauterbach Trace32, CRIU, SimPoints, Pin, Valgrind, QEMU

+ Benchmarks: SPEC, Geekbench, AnTuTu, EEMBC, etc. **Individual contributor role requires:**

+ Minimum M.S. degree in electrical and/or computer engineering or computer science; Ph.D and/or 3+ years of industry experience preferred.

+ Computer architecture background in CPU microarchitecture, multicore, cache hierarchies, interconnects, shared memory, heterogeneous computing, GPGPU, DSP, etc.;

+ Experience in using a variety of tools for analysis, such as functional and performance simulators, profilers, cache analyzers, etc.

+ Experience in software development best practices including code reviews, version control, etc.

+ Superb communication skills and ability to convey ideas & results and interact fluidly across a distributed organization.

+ Ability to span levels abstraction from C++/Java application software, to OSes, ISAs, microarchitecture, circuits, and silicon.

+ Skills with C, C++, assembly, ARM ISA, Linux Kernel, GCC, Python or Perl, OpenCL. **Leadership role requires:**

+ Ph.D. or minimum M.S. degree, with 10+ years of industry experience.

+ Dynamic leadership & drive, able to inspire and mentor junior engineers to help them perform at their best.

+ Sound technical judgment, the ability to define, articulate, and drive a credible technical vision across a large organization.

+ Experience throughout the SoC design cycle, including architecture, HW design, verification, SW development and customer engagement

+ Top-notch expertise in computer architecture, with especially deep knowledge of modern CPU micro-architectural techniques, multicore, out-of-order, multicore, caches, memory controllers, interconnects, heterogeneous computing, GPGPU, etc.

+ Thorough grasp of programming models, operating systems, multiprocessor scheduling, etc.

**Education Requirements** Required: Master’s, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering

Preferred: Doctorate, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering

**EEO employer: including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability & veterans status.**

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