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Posting Number: F00947


Location: Contra Costa College




Description of Position:

This is a full-time, tenure-track, academic position in Biology at Contra Costa College in San Pablo, California. The program is looking for an enthusiastic biology instructor for our General Biology for non-majors and Biotechnology programs. Additionally, our programs include instruction in our advanced courses including anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and Majors (organismal/cell and molecular) biology.


The student population of Contra Costa College (CCC) reflects its surrounding diverse communities. CCC is a proud Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and serves predominately historically disadvantaged and under-represented student groups including African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Latinx students. CCC is situated in a socioeconomically diverse, resilient an culturally vibrant community. We seek candidates who embrace our community, our student population, and our central work: strengthening West County by meeting our students where they are and helping them get to where they want to be.

We seek candidates who operate with a growth mindset, a strength-based approach centered on students, and an unflinching commitment to equity, especially concerning the elimination of barriers to college access, success, and completion. The ideal candidate will be eager to help construct and maintain a culture of continuous improvement in instructional effectiveness.



Patricia West



Position Status: Tenure- Track


EEO Job Category: Faculty & Other Instructional Staff


Employee Group: Full-Time Faculty


Department: C7002-Biological Sciences


Duties and Responsibilities:

In addition to contractual duties, all full-time faculty are expected to participate actively in their disciplines, department activities, and the general intellectual life and governance of the college. Part of the teaching assignment may be in the evening and/or online. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. advancing equitable student learning through dedicated, exemplary instruction in accordance with established course outlines;

2. participating in the assessment of student learning outcomes for courses and programs; developing and implementing student learning outcomes assessment processes for courses and programs;

3. collaborating in the development and revision of curriculum and in program review;

4. engaging in department program improvement initiatives;

5. participating in department, division, and college committees;

6. participating in professional development activities, both departmental and college-wide;

7. maintaining current knowledge in the subject matter area and effective teaching/ learning strategies;

8. maintaining appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics;

9. informing students of course requirements, evaluation procedures and attendance requirements;

10. preparing and grading class assignments and examinations and informing students of their academic progress;

11. maintaining attendance, scholastic, and personnel records and submitting them according to published deadlines;

12. posting and holding sufficient and regular office hours in accordance with prevailing policy;

13. participating in College’s shared governance processes.


Minimum Qualification-Education/Experience:

Understanding of and sensitivity to the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, sexual orientation and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, staff and faculty.


Master’s in any Biological Science


Bachelor’s in any Biological Science AND Master’s in Biochemistry, Biophysics, or Marine Science


the equivalent. (If you do not hold the required degree you can petition for equivalency. Please complete the master’s degree equivalency form and upload in the attachment section of the online job application.)


Desirable Qualifications:

Highly qualified candidates will possess knowledge, skills, and experience that address the desirable qualifications below. Responses to the supplemental questions allow the applicant to describe how they meet these qualifications.


1. Evidence of scholarship, preparation, and teaching experience in teaching lecture/laboratory courses in general or non-major’s biology and biotechnology at the Community College or University level. Experience in teaching lecture/laboratory courses in other biology courses including anatomy, physiology, microbiology, or majors-level organismal or cell/molecular biology is also beneficial.


2. Demonstrated commitment to student learning and to the success of all students in the open-access learning environment of a community college, with diverse goals, including meeting General Education requirements, preparation for Allied Health programs, careers in the life science industry, and transfer to 4 year university.


3. Evidence of rigorous, enthusiastic, and effective teaching.


4. Effective communication skills with students, and colleagues, employing active listening and a growth mindset, including when managing projects involving teams of people.


5. Demonstrated knowledge of the characteristics of students attending California community colleges, and skills to successfully engage them in an educational setting, including those in vocational and transfer programs.


6. Knowledge of and commitment to the missions, goals, and purposes of the California Community College system.


7. Demonstrated sensitivity to issues of diversity, and the ability to motivate and teach community college students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity, culture, and learning styles, as well as students with disabilities and/or varied levels of academic preparation.


8. Ability and willingness to modify personal teaching style based on current research in effective teaching strategies.


9. Understanding of how scientific biology training relates to the practical aspects of applied science. Ability to train students for work in a regulated environment according to industry standards such as cGMP, QA/QC, sampling, maintaining a safe and productive work environment, documentation and labeling, accuracy and precision, following and writing SOP’s, and appropriate data presentation.


10. Technical skill with and ability to maintain and troubleshoot a wide variety of instrumentation used in R&D or manufacturing in the life science industry. These include FPLC, HPLC, fluorescent microscopes, bioreactors, biosafety cabinets, growth chambers/incubators, spectrophotometers, plate readers (fluorescence/absorbance), pH meters, electrophoresis equipment, PCR (standard and qPCR), micropipettes and balances. Ability to train students to use these instruments safely and effectively.


11. An interest and ability to work within the department, division, and college community to achieve the strategic goals of the college, which are focused on excellence, institutional effectiveness, student success and achieving equity in the rates of educational outcomes across student demographic groups;


12. Motivation to network with high school teachers, community colleagues, and industry advisors to build relationships that will strengthen the program. Ability to engage with potential students to build awareness of and interest in the program, and with employers of graduates to connect students to jobs as they complete the program.


Job Open Date: 11/23/2022


Job Close Date: 1/17/2023


Open Until Filled: No


Employment Begins: August 2023, Fall Semester 2023


# of Months: 10


To apply, visit: https://apptrkr.com/3691129


The Contra Costa Community College District does not discriminate against any applicant for employment on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sex, or sexual orientation. This prohibition against unlawful discrimination extends to any person who is perceived to have any of the above characteristics or who is associated with someone who has, or who is perceived to have, any of those characteristics.


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