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Digital ASIC Design Engineers (San Diego, CA and Bay Area)



Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

CDMA Technology at http://www.qualcomm.com/about/businesses/qct

Job Area

Engineering – Hardware


California – San Diego


Qualcomm’s Digital ASIC Design team has multiple positions available. This team is responsible for the entire digital design flow from RTL to GDSII, including digital and mixed-signal circuits and systems that are integrated into integrated circuits (ICs), System-on-Chip (SoC) and complete chipsets that power Qualcomm’s wireless device portfolio. The team is currently seeking candidates across a broad range of technical areas. These positions range from entry-level to Principal, and are available in San Diego, CA.

**Minimum Qualifications:**

3+ years of industry experience in the following areas:

+ ASIC frontend development.

+ Logic design, RTL coding, verification, synthesis, and timing closure.

+ Hardware description languages (Verilog, System Verilog and VHDL).

+ AMBA bus standards such as AXI, AHB, and ACE

+ Synopsys DC/PrimeTime or similar tools.

+ Scripting/programming in C/C++, Tcl, Perl/Csh. **Preferred Qualifications:** 3+ years of industry experience in 1 or more of the following technical disciplines:

+ **SoC Design** (ASIC integration, Peripherals, Bus Design, DC/PC, LINT, PTSI)

+ **RTL Design** (Functional/Structural, Partitioning, Simulation, Regression, Modelsim, VCS, Design Compiler, Primetime, Microprocessor Architecture, Memory Coherency)

+ **Low Power Design** (clock gating, power gating, power grids, Power Artist, UPF, CPF)

+ **High-Speed DDR Controller** (Memory Controller, CPU, SRAM & L3 Cache, x86 or ARM CPU/bus architecture)

+ **Audio Codec ASIC Hardware** (Audio DSP Implementation, Audio Algorithm, Low-Power Voice/Audio Activation, Noise Cancellation)

+ **Graphic ASIC Hardware** (GPU or CPU cores, DX9/10/11 level graphics HW development)

+ **Multimedia/Camera Imaging/Video** (Image processing algorithms, ASIC Design, RTL Coding, JPEG, C/C++/SystemC, Modelsim, Synopsys DC, LEC, Spyglass)

+ **Physical Layer Design** (PHY, USB, HDMI, DDR, MIPI)

+ **SerDes Application** (PHY Layer Protocol, SerDes PHY, ASIC EDA Models, Cadence Schematics)

+ **Digital Design for Mixed Signal ASICs** (PLL, Phase-Lock-Loop, LNA, OpAmp, ADC-DAC)

Education Requirements

Required: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and/or Electrical Engineering.

Preferred: Master’s or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and/or Electrical Engineering.


EEO employer: including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability & veterans status.

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