Are you committed to sustainability and health and the future of the Peyote Way of Life for the Indigenous people of the Americas? Are you experienced working with plants and the earth? Are you able to be organized, coordinate others, and work in an inter-tribal context? Are you ready to move and live in the Sacred Peyote Gardens of South Texas?

IPCI is looking for an individual, couple, or small family to put their experience and commitment to work joining the Native American Churches, Azee’ Bee Nahagha of Dine Nation, the Wixarika Nation and their Allies in conserving the Sacred Peyote Medicine.

Conservation Manager Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a related field;  encouraged but not required
Member of Native American Church/ABNDN or Indigenous Peyote Tribe; encouraged but not required
Love for Nature, the environment, the land
Able to participate in design and creation of new activities and enterprises in collaboration with a diverse team
Demonstrated leadership ability and able to be a community model for youth
Physical ability to walk, lift and drive in the South Texas desert
Able to have good relationships with diverse groups of people
Able to maintain flexible and positive attitude
Cultural sensitivity and awareness
Conservation awareness, biology training, nursery background, landscaping or other demonstrated experience working with plants and soil
Sober and willing to have a background check

Roles & Responsibilities:

Operations Manager for the IPCI spiritual home ranch, known as ‘the 605’
Help lead the site development of ‘the 605’
Ecological monitoring on the 605
Pilgrimage coordinator and Onsite program coordinator for IPCI youth events and other related programs
Conduct permaculture development activities and serve as Nursery (Vivero) manager
Help manage budget for spiritual homesite activities
S. Texas Regional Conservation Coordination
Help to develop and manage regional harvesting and distribution activities
Maintain relationships and support coordination with Ranchers and others participating in IPCI regional conservation leases
Attend IPCI Conservation Committee meetings and carry out and coordinate agreed upon conservation strategy tasks

Communication and Workflow:

Weekly meeting with IPCI Initiative Director and share weekly work plan with Initiative Director
Use appropriate time and project tracking methods as agreed upon with Initiative Director
Conduct appropriate reporting to the IPCI Board of Directors as agreed upon with Initiative Director


$39,000 per year
Free Lodging on ‘the 605’
Relocation expenses covered
Additional training as needed

Please send questions, resume, and cover letter to:

Miriam Volat, IPCI Director

at her email address: miriam@riverstyxfoundation.org

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About Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative

The IPCI engages in diverse biocultural strategies for spiritual reconnection and restoration of Peyote, including land access and stewardship, youth education, peyote habitat restoration, and a system of harvest and distribution that is spiritually and culturally sound. This is an international collaborative, supporting tribes and efforts focused on sustainability and indigenous sovereignty across the Native American Church, the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Mission: Empowering indigenous communities to conserve, regenerate, and reconnect to their sacred Peyote medicine for spiritual use for generations to come.

Vision:  We promote the health, wellbeing, and cultural revitalization of Native communities through reconnection to, sovereign use, and sustainability of the sacred Peyote and the lands on which it grows.

Purpose: IPCI an indigenous led, land-based initiative that directly supports the spiritual, ecological, cultural, economic, and sustainability issues related to the sacred plant medicine, Peyote and its ceremonial uses.