Job Description:

**Job Id** E1960742

**Job Title** IPOG Layout Reticle Design Integrator and Foundry Interface Engineer

**Post Date** 11/28/2017

**Company-Division** Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

CDMA Technology at http://www.qualcomm.com/about/businesses/qct

**Job Area** Engineering – Hardware

**Location** California – San Diego

**Job Overview** Qualcomm is the world leader in wireless chipsets powering the majority of 3G & 4G devices, the largest fabless semiconductor in the world, and is widely regarded as one of the most employee friendly companies in the high-tech marketplace. Qualcomm is seeking a qualified mask designer to facilitate reticle generation and mask releases with external foundry services. This includes front end coordination with design and layout staff, reticle and wafer map planning and back end planning with bump and packaging vendors

oCo-ordinate incoming layout requests from multiple design groups

oTestchip, product, and monthly tapeouts

oInterface with POG (Passive On Glass) designers and device engineers for mask layout

oReticle floor planning and saw plans collaborating with contributing parties

oConduct in-house final layout DRC, XOR and GDS tapeout to Foundry

oProvide mask data (GDS format) to foundry and conduct final XOR verifications of foundry incoming wafermap (when applicable) prior to mask order

oWork with technology, manufacturing and design as central point of communication

oFoundry integration tasks may include lot planning, Fab lot/QC wafer inventory tracking

oComplete, provide and record documentation as required for mask making and saw plan purposes.

Skills / Experiences:

oExperiences of testchip and product tapeout flow

Plus: knowledge of integrated passives on glass

oExperiences of reticle floor plan and block integration of various product dies, saw plan

oRequired solid understanding of Cadence Virtuoso

Plus: skill code for layout

oRequired solid understanding of Cadence Assura verifications (DRC)

Plus: Mentor Graphics Calibre tool alternatively

All Qualcomm employees are expected to actively support diversity on their teams, and in the Company.

**Minimum Qualifications** 5+ years experience in the following

oActing as a direct technical interface to IPOG, SOI or CMOS foundry.

oCadence Virtuoso Layout/GDSII file management

oMentor Graphics Calibre DRC, LVS and XRC

oCliosoft and/or DesignSync revision control

oLinux OS sufficient for user access and usage

oMicrosoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint

**Preferred Qualifications** Proficiency with record keeping for mask making and coordination

Experience working with external (preferred) or internal foundries for mask planning and

approval process

**Education Requirements** Required: Associate’s, Electrical Engineering

Preferred: Bachelor’s, Electrical Engineering

**EEO employer: including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability & veterans status.**

About Qualcomm

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