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Machine Learning Research Engineer (MLR)



Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Research & Development at http://www.qualcomm.com/about/research

Job Area

Engineering – Software


California – San Diego


Qualcomm is a company of inventors that unlocked 5G ushering in an age of wireless intelligence and new possibilities that will transform industries, create jobs, and enrich lives. With 5G and other wireless connectivity, we bring the content, control, and intelligence closer to the end-user to complement the cloud. Qualcomm AI Research is looking for world-class researchers in machine learning and deep learning. Come join a high-caliber team of engineers building advanced machine learning technology, best-in-class solutions, and friendly SW optimization tools to enable state-of-the-art networks to run on devices with limited power, memory, and computation.

Led by world-renowned pioneering machine learning researcher, Max Welling, members of our team enjoy the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research while simultaneously contributing technology that will be deployed worldwide in our industry-leading devices. You will be part of a multi-disciplinary team that has repeatedly won the major deep learning competitions, such as the ImageNet large scale visual recognition challenge and visual wake word challenge. Collaborate in a cross-functional environment spanning hardware, software and systems. See your design in action on industry-leading chips embedded in the next generation of smartphones, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and IOT devices. The R&D work responsibility can include the development of new fundamental methods in the following areas:

+ Conducts fundamental machine learning research to create new models or new training methods in various technology areas, e.g. deep generative models, Bayesian deep learning, equivariant CNNs, adversarial learning, active learning, Bayesian optimizations, reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, and graph NNs.

+ Drives systems innovations for model efficiency advancement on device as well as in the cloud. This includes auto-ML methods (model-based, sampling based, back-propagation based) for model compression, quantization, architecture search, and kernel/graph compiler/scheduling with or without systems-hardware co-design.

+ Performs advanced platform research to enable new machine learning compute paradigm, e.g., compute in memory, on-device learning/training, edge-cloud distributed/federated learning, and quantum machine learning.

+ Creates new machine learning models for advanced uses cases and achieve state-of-the-art performance and beyond. The use cases can broadly include audio, speech, image, video, power management, wireless, graphics, and chip design.Required Skills:

+ Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science, or related field.

+ 2+ years Systems Engineering or related work experience.Preferred Skills:

+ Extensive experience in deep neural networks (e.g. CNN, RNN, Attention, ) or deep reinforcement learning.

+ Proficiency in designing, implementing and training DL/RL algorithms in high-level languages/frameworks (e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow, Caffe). Designing the network for an embedded device is a plus.

+ Track record of research excellence and high-quality publications (e.g. NeurIPS, CVPR, ICML, ICLR, ICCV, ).

+ Expertise in at least one of the following fields: Machine learning theory / optimization methods; Model compression / quantization / optimization for embedded devices; Neural Architecture Search / kernel optimization; Computer vision; Audio and speech / NLP; Deep Generative Models (VAE, Normalizing-Flow, ARM, etc)

Education Requirements

Required: Bachelor’s, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering

Preferred: Doctorate, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering

EEO Employer: Qualcomm is an equal opportunity employer; all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, Veteran status, or any other protected classification.

About Qualcomm

Who is Qualcomm, and what do we do? We are engineers, scientists and business strategists. We are from many different countries and speak many different languages. We come from diverse cultures and have unique perspectives. Together, we focus on a single goal—invent mobile technology breakthroughs.