Quartz Valley Indian Reservation
Job Description

Position: Finance Director
Salary: DOE
Starting Date: Open Until Filled

Purpose of Position

The Finance Director is responsible for planning, directing, and controlling financial and administration functions for the Tribe by following multiple policies in accordance with the Quartz Valley Indian Reservation. The individual will be responsible for all the bookkeeping and financial management record keeping, all contracts, grant financial progress reports, and any other reports relating to contracts and grants. The individual must possess personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and dedication to the mission of Quartz Valley Indian Reservation.


The Finance Director reports directly to the Tribal Administrator and the Tribal Treasurer. The Finance Director is responsible for managing financial and administrative functions. This includes preparing budgets, conducting financial analysis, preparing financial reports, and developing and implementing an effective system of accounting and managing the payroll system. Failure to provide these services may result in improper budgeting and spending allocations; misplaced or misused revenues; inaccurate financial statements; financial mismanagement of the payroll; and accounts payable and/or accounts receivable not being processed in an accurate and timely manner.


The Finance Director will participate in the provision of effective strategic financial planning.
• Provide Financial Advice and Guidance to the Tribal Administrator
• Participate in Strategic and Financial Planning
• Research, Prepare, and Submit the Tribe’s Annual Funding Agreement
• Prepare Detailed Reports on Financial and Administrative Matters
• Attend Meetings and Make Presentations to the QVIR Tribal Business Council
• Work Directly with the Tribal Treasurer
• Solicit RFP Audits and Indirect Cost Proposals

The Finance Director will provide comptrollership functions to ensure finances are managed according to legislation, policies and procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles.
• Manage Accounting and Financial Systems and Maintain a Full and Accurate Accounting of
• Conduct Financial Analysis and Prepare Detailed Financial Reports and Statements
• Provide Financial and Accounting Advice, Direction, and Leadership
• Ensure Compliance with Financial Policies and Procedures and Adhere to the Terms of the Annual Funding Agreement
• Develop and Implement Purchasing Practices and Monitor the Purchase System
• Respond to Auditors’ Comments Concerning Finances and Operations and Oversee Required Action to Address Deficiencies
• Implement and Monitor Payment Authority Practices
• Establish and Maintain Cash Controls
• Monitor Department Spending and Recommend Corrective Actions, as Necessary
• Manage Investments and Reserves
• Reconcile General Ledger Accounts and Bank Statements

The Finance Director will manage and coordinate administrative functions including Personnel, Administration, and Payroll.
• Administer the BIA AFA, ICDBG, PPG/EPA, IHS AFA, TMG, Childcare, LIHEAP, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, TIP, Calif. Wellness, OVW, Non-Gaming Distribution, and Third-Party Funds
• Manage the Payroll System to Ensure All Staff are Paid on a Timely and Accurate Basis
• Provide Advice and Assistance on Human Resources, Planning, and Management Issues
• Assist in Preparations and Amendments of Procurement and Fiscal Policies
• Ensure the Maintenance and Backup of Computer System in the Fiscal Department

The Finance Director will provide leadership and direction to the Finance and Administrative staff.
• Establish and Maintain Internal Controls to Ensure Compliance with Financial, Administration, and Human Resources Policies and Procedures
• Recommend Training Programs that Maximize Individual and Organization Goals, Including Human Resources Activity Improvements
• Evaluate the Performance of the Fiscal Department and Provide Training and Development Opportunities for Such
• Manage the Maintenance and Upgrade of the Financial and Payroll System
• Provide Leadership by Delegating Tasks, Responding to Staff Inquires, and Providing Overall Direction to Fiscal Employees

The Finance Director will perform other related duties as required.
• Prepare Tribal Payroll, Related Payroll Tax Payments, and Reports within the Time Frame
• Perform Required Duties Utilizing Abila MIP Fund Accounting, Excel, PowerPoint, and Other Financial Software
• Receive and Process Correspondence and Communication, Maintaining Accurate Log of All Financial Issues
• Assist Tribal Treasurer in Preparation of the Tribal Budget, Budget Justification Vouchers, Payments, and Statements for All Tribal Accounts
• Maintain Strict Confidentiality in Performing Duties of the Finance Director
• Coordinate Regular Meetings Amidst Constant Interruptions within a Busy Office Setting
• Spend Long Hours in Intense Computer Concentration Conducting Financial Analysis and Preparing Detailed Reports Requiring Attention to Detail and High Levels of Accuracy
• Record and Adjust Journal Entries


• Minimum of an AA; Ideally a BA or at Least 4-6 Years’ Professional Experience; Ideally 4-plus
Years’ Broad Financial and Operations Management Experience
• Experience in Financial Data Reporting and ISDA Audit Coordination for Division or Significant
Program Areas
• Experience in Grants Management, Specifically with Federal Grant and Contract Programs
• Technological Knowledge and Experience in Selection and Installation Management of Accounting and Reporting Software; Strong Vendor Relationships
• Knowledge and Ability to Accurately Utilize Abila MIP Fund Accounting, Excel, PowerPoint, and Other Financial Software
• Analytic Priority-setting Experience in Organization and Problem Solving; Supporting and Enabling Sound Decision Making
• Preferred Experience Managing Financial Functions of Human Resources
• Preferred Experience with Federal Funding and Native Community Development
• Ability to Work Effectively with Native American Culturally Diverse Environments
• Ability to Prioritize, Negotiate, and Interact with a Variety of Internal and External Stakeholders, Demonstrating Excellent Communication and Relationship Building Skills
• Ability to Diversely Multi-task in a Fast-Paced Environment
• Ability to Translate Financial Concepts to and Collaborate with Programmatic and Fundraising Colleagues Less Experienced in Financial Matters
• Must be Willing to Travel, at Least Twice a Year, to Conferences, Meetings, and Seminars
• Must be Bondable

Indian Preference

In accordance with CFR 25, Part 276, and in accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Section 701 (b) and 703 (i), preference in filling all vacancies will be given to qualified American Indian candidates.



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