Calibr, a division of Scripps Research, is focused on innovative early stage translational research in collaboration with academic partners in the areas of regenerative medicine, cancer biology, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, immunology and infectious disease. ​
Position Overview:
We are seeking a highly motivated Research Assistant in the DMPK group to join Calibr’s multi-disciplinary drug discovery efforts. The DMPK Research Assistant will serve a multi-faceted role as (1) DMPK bioanalytical associate for early discovery programs and (2) manager of external workflows to ensure high quality data. The role includes collaboration with CROs as well as reviewing data and summary reports generated externally. The successful candidate will be an accomplished “do-er” who has significant interest in applying state-of-the-art technologies for bioanalysis, drug metabolism, drug transport and pharmacokinetics.

The DMPK department works in close partnership with disciplines such as medicinal chemistry, in vivo pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacology and regulatory to optimize lead compounds, select clinical candidates, conduct preclinical studies, support clinical development and contribute to regulatory filings

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•Assists in the validation and implementation of LC-MS/MS assays for analysis of non-clinical pharmacokinetic or toxicokinetic samples.
•Perform bioanalytical testing and reporting of study samples.
•Assists in the preparation and validation of bioanalytical reports from internal sources and from CROs.
•Assists in troubleshooting assays.
•Maintenance of accurate and detailed scientific notebooks.
•Works relatively independently to meet short term goals and objectives.
•Operate and maintain LC-MS equipment.

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