The Senior Applications Developer reports to the Director of Applications Engineering and functions as primary developer of custom applications and web forms within the IT department. Where business process requires software solutions not supported by software market(s) or where solutions are unique to Institute operations, develops software solutions using best practices and contemporary development tool sets. Once developed, administers daily and sustained maintenance (evolution) of developed solutions. Most development will be in integration of the Institute’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), augmenting process or data gaps or supporting auxiliary systems interfaced to ERP.

• Meet with staff to assess and gather requirements for business needs of user group.
• Analyze needs for source internal and external solutions.
• Propose and present possible development paths and solutions.
• Model solutions and secure feedback and approval to proceed.
• Finalize and document solution specifications.
• Write and update code according to documented specifications.
• Perform testing of functionality, user interface, security parameters.
• Document both user manual and application (systems) support as needed.
• Train user community on developed applications.
• Deploy into Production environment and manage “Go Live” of developed solutions.
• Manage user ID access to custom/developed applications.
• Support any interface files or processes to/from ERP.
• Cross-train Business Computing staff in support of custom/developed applications.
• Configure & maintain host servers where ERP and custom applications reside.
• Maintain timely patching of operating systems & SSL certificates on all servers.
• Configure and support specific data sets (databases) related to custom developments.
• Co-Administrator of the Institute’s ERP Solution.
• Create & maintain shell scripting to automate process and server tasks.
• Create & maintain job scheduler tasks on servers to automate process and server tasks.
• Provide secondary support for Employee Online.
• Provide primary support for Benefits Open Enrollment application, changes and administration.
• Perform other duties and projects as assigned.

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