The clinician researcher will work within the entire Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) team to lead the development, implementation and management of innovative clinical studies that are enabled through the utilization of a wide range of digital medicine technologies. The research will, by design, help transform both clinical research and healthcare. An early focus will be to help support work within the All of Us Research Program. The All of Us Research Program plans to enroll over one million participants from across the United States and its territories, and to keep them engaged in the research program for at least 10 years primarily through ongoing digital communications.

Position Responsibilities
(*) Design, development, and implementation of innovative, pragmatic digital medicine research programs working with a wide range of funders, e.g. NIH, non-government organizations, and industry.
(*) Collaborate extensively with internal and external partners to drive innovation.
(*) Present and publish the results of research programs.
Provide guidance, mentoring and leadership to trainees and all STSI staff and faculty.
(*) Participate in the interview process and selection of qualified staff.

About The Scripps Research Institute

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