About Environmental Policy Innovation Center

About EPIC
Thank you for your interest in working with the Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC). EPIC builds policies that deliver spectacular improvement in the speed and scale of environmental progress. A nonprofit start-up, EPIC is committed to finding and highlighting the best approaches to scaling up results quickly. EPIC works to further environmental and public health outcomes by improving water infrastructure, restoring critical habitats, procuring ecosystem services, protecting endangered species, and integrating data and technology into conservation. The Agriculture team develops better ways for governments to pay farmers who improve water quality through the creation of partnerships, leverage of private investment, and national advocacy. EPIC operates through a fiscal sponsorship with the Sand County Foundation. These values define the character and culture of our organization:

●     Speed. When the planet’s on fire, rapid innovation is better than slow and steady.

●     Equity. We are committed to environmental progress and to prosperity for all people, because the most enduring and exceptional outcomes require both.

●     Honesty. We bring real data, analysis, and facts to the limelight. Being honest about what is working and not working is not always easy, but we are committed to telling the truth.

●     Pragmatism. We focus on ambitious but achievable solutions and believe that compromise and progress is more effective than purity and stasis.

●     Wall-less. Innovation happens more in places without hierarchies and where every person and every idea gets respect. We do that.

●     Empathy. We must ensure the voices of all people affected by our work are heard. We will support each other and others outside our organization with justice and respect.

  • Chesapeake Agriculture Policy Analyst

    Environmental Policy Innovation Center We build policies that deliver spectacular improvements in the speed and scale of environmental progress.
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