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Career Transition Without Leaving Your Computer

This workshop will highlight the ability to look for work, change your career and update your skills all from your computer where the internet is a click away. It will cover the online job search process, the positives and perils of social media and new technologies at our fingertips. This is especially helpful for job seekers who live in more remote areas or who have limited transportation.

Topics include:
Using online learning resources
Researching transferable skills/careers
Building a positive online reputation
Online applications
Developing networks online

Controlling Your Online CyberPrint

This workshop is put on in partnership with Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. Participants in this workshop will walk away with an indepth understanding of the permanence of their on-line reputation and how it effects their job search. They will also develop tools for dealing with a negative on-line reputation and how to build a solid one.
This workshop focuses specifically on the strategic use of online media to start or advance your career. It will go more in depth on ‘branding’ yourself and being in control of your image in a positive way. The dangers and pitfalls of online media will also be discussed as well as ways to mitigate their impact on your career.

Topics include:
Social media
Personal Information and Privacy Settings
Security and Accessibility
Reputation and Hiring
Controlling Your Image

Minimum Wage vs Living Wage

This workshop, designed for teens, talks about the stark realities of the cost of living and how far minimum wage jobs will take you. The discussion focuses on the choices you make in high school and how staying in school, getting good grades and continuing your education will give you many more opportunities in life than if you drop out or stop at a high school diploma. These points are brought home through activities which engage the youth and get them thinking about their futures.

Online Job Search Workshop

The way we look for work has vastly changed in the past 10 years. Technology such as the internet, WiFi, smart phones, tablets, Skype, etc., has completely changed the landscape of job searching. There was a time, not too long ago, when you could choose whether or not to use the internet to search for jobs; but not anymore. Employers have embraced this technology and they expect the job seeker to follow along.
To stay competitive in the job market job seekers need to understand and be able to use technology. This workshop will guide the participants through the new landscape of Online Job Searching.

Topics include:
Internet Basics
Online Job Search Resources
Online Job Prep Tools
Internet Research
The Online Application
Social Media – The Good, The Bad and the Very Ugly

Your Online CyberPrint - Youth Edition

Kids often make the mistake of believing what they say online will stay private. They don’t realize how many people, companies and agencies can access their information at the touch of a keyboard. Access to their personal conversations, jokes and indiscretions can lead them into big trouble. From child predators, to bullies, to potential college recruiters – many people can see what they are doing (or have done) in their life. This information can affect their happiness, safety and future. This workshop with teach kids about internet security, programs and integrity.

Topics include:
Real internet security
Topics to avoid online
Laws and penalties for online activities
Child predators
Your reputation and Your Future

Your Permanent Record

One of the joys of childhood is the ability to live in the present moment. You don’t have to think or worry about what the future will bring (most of us anyway). Your parents, care takers, teachers, etc., did all of the preparation and planning for you. But there comes a time when you do have to start thinking about the future, and not just what happens in the future – but how what you do today impacts what you are able to accomplish in the future. Youthful mistakes can be costly in today’s world and the more serious the mistake the larger the consequence. This workshop will talk about job opportunities, career fields, security clearances background checks and your ‘permanent record.’

Topics include:
High School Completion
Criminal records (juvenile vs adult)
Guilt by association
Making smart choices
Jobs and convictions