ADHD and the Workplace

Article by Courtney Cosby addhero.comADHD and the Workplace

ADHD can present a significant challenge to workplace functioning, leading to problems with poor performance, productivity, relations with employers and colleagues along with misunderstandings about the issues that sufferers face.

It has been said that self management deficits may play a larger role in ADHD in adults, specifically in relation to interpersonal and occupational function.

Because of this, people with ADHD often find they struggle with areas such as gaining employment, keeping to schedules and targets once in employment and with getting the best out of their job roles.

Due to greater challenges in areas such as Executive Functioning and impulse control, studies have shown that employees with ADHD are more likely to quit a job impulsively or be dismissed and face significantly more workplace problems.

It’s important for people who have ADHD to recognize which areas they struggle with, and how their condition manifests and impacts their work, and communicate these issues to their employers if needed. Although this may seem daunting, this can lead to great job satisfaction as well as giving employers the chance to utilize the skills and talents of the person with ADHD successfully. [Read more…]

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