Character Lab is looking for a Director of User Experience. Reporting to the COO, Dr. Sean Talamas, the Director of User Experience will lead user research, user interface design, and product management for Character Lab Research Network’s digital platform. This is an exciting opportunity for a user-centered, innovative professional to have strategic impact by ensuring our Qualtrics-built digital platform meets the needs and expectations of our diverse users, including students, teachers, school administrators, and academic researchers. We believe our goal – to advance the science and practice of character development – cannot be reached without seamless interaction design grounded in deep empathy for each of these audiences.

Our digital platform is hosted by Qualtrics, and combines standard Qualtrics products with custom products designed in collaboration with and developed by Qualtrics’ engineering services teams. This unique combination of technology allows Character Lab Research Network to facilitate character development research activities at our partner schools in a convenient and secure online format.

The Director of User Experience will define and oversee the design process of our digital platform, manage a team of UX researchers and product managers, execute end-t0-end user-centered design process along with other internal goals, develop product roadmaps, maintain relationships with key external partners such as Qualtrics, lead projects to improve the UX of our existing offering, and spearhead new directions which address unmet user needs.

About Character Lab
Character Lab is a nonprofit devoted to advancing the science and practice of character development. We were founded in 2012 by two educators (Dave Levin and Dominic Randolph) and one scientist (Angela Duckworth) who see character development as essential to helping all children thrive.

Our research has shown that success and well-being depend on a multitude of strengths that are organized into three dimensions: interpersonal, intrapersonal, and intellectual. Interpersonal strengths like gratitude and empathy enable caring relationships with other people; intrapersonal strengths like grit and growth mindset enable achievement; and intellectual strengths like curiosity and humor enable a fertile life of the mind.

To advance the science of character development, Character Lab connects leading psychologists with middle and high schools across the country. To advance the practice of character development, Character Lab translates research findings into Playbooks, instructional materials co-created with scientists, educators, and designers. To learn more, seeour most recent Annual Letter.

Our culture is both challenging (we’re never done improving) and supportive (one of our core values is excessive generosity). We are a small team of full-time designers, educators, and scientists (and one dog) under one roof. To learn more, read our Culture Book.


Bachelor’s degree and at least 8 years of professional experience in user research, user interface design, user experience, product management, or related fields/disciplines
A strong scientific background is preferred
Track record of user-first advocacy in complex projects which include other interests
Expert understanding of design patterns and best practices on mobile and web
Experience managing product roadmaps and product development cycles
Experience engaging stakeholders and getting buy-in on user-centered approaches
Experience leading and managing UX researchers, designers, and product managers
Natural facilitator who leads meetings to productive, collaborative outcomes
Deep understanding of how to apply lean UX research methods on quick timelines
Strategic thinker who isn’t afraid to get tactical when needed
Comfortable with people, clarity in communication
Proactive organizational skills lead to disciplined project management
Comfort leading a dynamic, diverse startup to rapidly iterate, build, test, and launch
Fierce work ethic and a sense of purpose which aligns with Character Lab’s mission
Required skills:  Product / UX visioning, lean UX, human-centered design, open-ended discovery methods, user interface design, rapid prototyping, user research, user experience testing, product roadmap development, project management, data analysis
Able to understand and collaborate with: data scientists, agile developers, external/remote development teams, academic researchers, executives / board members
Key Responsibilities
Lead UX / UI process for the organization
Translate business objectives into well-considered, lean design projects
Translate user research into actionable insights which are easy to understand
Take a disciplined, data-driven approach to prioritizing UX research and design work
Manage and guide research activities to identify opportunity, insights, and pain points
Manage and guide design activities to create winning solutions to key problems
Manage Character Lab’s long-term product roadmap across our various offerings
Work with a cross-functional, diverse team to achieve UX goals within constraints set by organizational objectives, research objectives, school objectives
Continuously monitor analytics of our platform in the wild and point out new opportunities to better understand or improve UX
Work collaboratively with vendors to ensure seamless UX within technical constraints
Help create a culture of innovation through cycles of iterative learning and ideation
Advocate for students, teachers, school administrators, and academic researchers
Facilitate collaborative workshops which bring the team together to handle complexity
Constantly think through Character Lab’s offerings from the perspective of end-users
Additional responsibilities as assigned
Physical Demands/Environmental Factors
Frequent, prolonged, and irregular hours of duty
Occasional travel for work-related responsibilities and needs
Competitive salary is commensurate with experience and skills. All full-time employees receive a comprehensive benefits package.

About Character Lab

We believe that character strengths such as grit, growth mindset, gratitude, self-control, and curiosity enable kids to lead lives that benefit themselves and other people. We believe that radical advances in building character are possible when scientists and educators work together, powered by design thinking and disciplined by the scientific method.