The Chatham County Public Health Department (CCPHD) seeks a forward-thinking and  creative individual with a strong background in public health, health equity, systems thinking, strategic  planning, community engagement, and teambuilding to lead its Health Promotion and Policy (HPP) team.  CCPHD’s mission is to build a healthy Chatham County through community partnerships and a  commitment to equity, and the HPP Division Director plays an important role in carrying out this mission.  The HPP Division Director sets the strategic direction, oversees the day-to-day operations, and manages the budget of the HPP Division. This position also supervises the division’s staff, who work across a  range of focus areas under the umbrella of health promotion and policy, including: health equity, early  childhood and adolescent health, community assessment and epidemiology, community engagement, coalition building (including the Chatham Health Alliance), health communications and marketing, faith based health, tobacco cessation, reproductive health, and vital records. The HPP Division Director works  with the HPP team to develop and implement action plans that advance the goals of the division and  department, and ensures deliverables and outcomes are achieved.

The HPP Division Director reports to the Health Director and serves on the Department’s Management  Team, Epi Team, and additional departmental, County and/or community committees and boards as  appropriate. The position also acts as a liaison between management and the HPP Division and works to  foster partnership and collaboration across the division, department and diverse Chatham communities.

Specific responsibilities include:

• Managing and supervising HPP Division staff, including monitoring job performance and  responding to any performance issues

• Overseeing the overall division budget, including external grants

• Serving as an advocate for public health, the public health department’s work and mission, and  the HPP team

• Working with staff to develop, implement, and evaluate work plans specific to their positions • Leading the HPP Division’s strategic planning efforts, and aligning these efforts with HPP staff  work plans and CCPHD’s overall strategic plan

• Ensuring staff deliverables and grant requirements are met

• Pursuing opportunities to advance public health and health equity through policy change,  partnership (including with diverse communities, community organizations, and academia), and  community engagement

• Serving on the Department’s management team and acting as a liaison between the HPP division and the management team, as well as other divisions

• Raising awareness of the division’s initiatives among diverse audiences

• Supporting the work of the Chatham Health Alliance by actively participating in meetings and  providing guidance and support to staff

• Developing and maintaining relationships with community partners

• Managing interns and student teams

• Seeking opportunities to expand and develop initiatives through grants and other funding sources • Leading the hiring process for HPP Division positions

• Building trust and collaboration among HPP staff and fostering a positive and cohesive work  environment

• Providing guidance to staff on the monitoring and evaluation of services and initiatives • Leading staff meetings and identifying opportunities for staff training

• Serving on the Epi Team and supporting COVID response efforts

A strong candidate will have the following skills and background:

• Training and experience in public health, including local public health

• Ability to counsel, guide, assign, train, and supervise the work of others

• Strong understanding of health equity principles

• Knowledge of health promotion, health communication, epidemiology, community assessment,  and policy development

• Strategic planning and systems thinking skills

• Innovative and forward thinking

• Adaptable and open to change

• Strong teambuilding and conflict resolution skills

• Budget management

• Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize effectively

• Experience leading teams

• Effective communication with policymakers, boards, diverse communities, and staff at all levels • Ability to maintain a positive work environment with open communication and transparency  • Active listening skills

• Outcome and goal oriented

• Ability to prepare clear and concise reports and make effective presentations • Ability to take initiative, set clear goals and objectives, and monitor and evaluate progress • Adept at problem solving and consensus building

• Ability to connect initiatives across the division and department to create synergy and foster  collaboration

• Understanding of implicit bias and how to apply an equity lens to program and strategic planning

• Ability to effectively work and engage with staff and community members of diverse backgrounds • Knowledge of government programs and community resources

• Ability to interpret and apply federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations Minimum Qualifications:

Graduation from an accredited four year college or university. Five years of paid employment in  an administrative, supervisory, or consultative capacity including three years in a public health  or mental health program. Experience in local public health and/or local government strongly  preferred. Advanced training in public health preferred.

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About Chatham County Public Health Department

The Chatham County Public Health Department is the lead public health agency for Chatham County, NC. Our vision is a fair and inclusive Chatham County where all residents achieve their best physical, mental and emotional health and feel a sense of belonging. We are working to build a healthy Chatham County through community partnerships and a commitment to equity.