Community Benefits Director (0931 Manager III)

Salary: $125,450.00 – $160,134.00/year

Deadline: 11/10/2020 5:00:00 PM

Full job description and to apply, visit: https://www.jobapscloud.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=PEX&R2=0931&R3=107470


Reporting to the Deputy Assistant General Manager for External Affairs, the Director of Community Benefits will be responsible for advancing the SFPUC’s agenda and strategy to maximize positive community impacts that result from the SFPUC’s development and operation of its water, wastewater, and power services. In 2011, the SFPUC adopted a Community Benefits Policy to advance the agency’s responsibility to be a good neighbor to all those impacted by its activities and promote sustainability by adoption of a triple bottom line, which balances the SFPUC’s economic, environmental and social equity goals (https://sfwater.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=3676). The Community Benefits policy established the Community Benefits Program as a division within External Affairs.

The Director of Community Benefits will be responsible for:

• All day-to-day management of the Community Benefits Program and staff

• Developing and overseeing the implementation strategies for the agency’s community benefits programmatic components for SFPUC capital projects

• Advancing the SFPUC’s core objectives, goals, and plans to achieve positive community impacts through the operations of SFPUC’s Enterprises and Bureaus

• Coordinating strategic partnerships with staff of public agencies, community organizations, contractors, and business leaders

• Developing proactive policy statements related to community benefits and environmental justice to be advanced at the local and state level

• Developing and managing budgets and contracts to support the work of the Community Benefits Program


The Director of Community Benefits will oversee all day-today management of the SFPUC’s Community Benefits Program and staff which focus on advancing:

• The Environmental Justice policy implementation and related environmental programs that support the equitable preservation and expansion of clean, renewable water and energy resources, decrease pollution, reduce environmental impacts, and reward proposals for innovative and creative new environmental programs

• The Kinder-to-Career strategies that support eco-literacy for our youngest learners, career awareness and exposure for youth and young adults and succession planning for current and future SFPUC staff to ensure a skilled and diverse workforce

• Public art enrichment funds to ensure alignment with SFPUC mission, goals and activities, as well as alignment with local community priorities

• Dynamic and robust educational programs to support eco-literacy and environmental stewardship specific to water, power and sewer

• Equitable economic development strategies to promote inclusive small business opportunities resulting from the Agency’s operations and/or capital programs

• Use of public land in a way that maximizes health and environmental sustainability and innovative ideas

• Diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives

• Improvement in community health through SFPUC activities, services and contributions;

• Stakeholder and community involvement in the design, implementation and evaluation of SFPUC programs and policies

Nature of Work: May be required to work nights and/or weekends.


San Francisco’s Public Utilities Commission seeks a confident, results-oriented manager who is passionate about the equity, environment and public service. The ideal candidate will stay current with best practices and trends in equity, environmental justice, diversity and inclusion, equitable economic empowerment, collective impact, corporate social responsibility and community benefits. They will also enjoy working in a fast-paced, supportive environment where collegiality, professionalism, teamwork, and an appreciation for fun are valued.

The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated track record and ability to exercise the following competencies which are the most critical to the Director of Community Benefits role:

Strategic Direction for the Community Benefits Program

Strategic Planning

Sets vision and provides clear direction

Identify risk sources, including financial, operational and safety risks and deploy risk mitigation practices

Inspires others

Relationship Management

Develops and sustains cooperative and diverse working relationships

Encourages and facilitates cooperation within the organization and with community stakeholders

Fosters commitment and trust

Political savviness

Valuing Diversity

Leads with equity and inclusion

Critical Evaluation

Embraces a culture of data and transparently utilizes data to drive program refinement

Supervisory Experience


Creates a thriving culture in which employees feel both safe and encouraged to explore new ideas and improve existing ones


Inspires, motivates and guides staff


Establish processes that foster accountability through ownership and checks and balances

Leadership and Professionalism

• Demonstrate flexibility and leadership skills, as well as strong critical thinking skills.

• Model flexibility in responding to changes and a willingness to perform outside of own comfort zone

• Demonstrate strong writing and oral communication/public speaking

• Prioritizes, considers alternatives, and responds quickly and effectively to unexpected and rapidly changing conditions

• Collaborates with relevant staff members, in partnership with hired consultants, to carry out communications initiatives

• Perform related duties as required

Equal Employment Opportunity