Operate, maintain, manage and repair the Premises, known as Moovalya Plaza and River People Plaza.
Use due diligence and best efforts in the management of the premises and to otherwise accomplish operational objectives.
Will obtain contracts, materials, supplies, utilities and services on the most advantageous terms to the property and is authorized to solicit bids, either formal or informal, for those items that can be obtained from more than one source.
Receive all tenant security deposits payable to Owner by all tenants in the Premises and to deposit same promptly in a separate account.
Restore or subcontract for the restoration of any leases space in the Premises to a tenantable condition upon abandonment or other termination of occupancy.
Institute, with written approval of Owner, all legal actions or proceedings for the collection of rent or other income from the Premises damages from tenants, occupants or others and the lock-out, ejectment or dispossessing of tenant or other persons therefrom
Enter into written leases or licenses on behalf of Owner entitling the lessees or licensees to place coin operated machines on the Premises, all subject to prior written approval of Owner;
Establish and orderly maintain all files containing rent records, correspondence, payroll records, leases, insurance policies, vouchers, unpaid bills, receipts and all other documents and papers pertaining to the properties.
Provide statements of all receipts and disbursements of Independent Contract
Will secure and credit to owner all discounts, rebates or commissions obtainable with respect to purchases, services contracts and all other transactions on owner’s behalf
Will select, contract with, pay, supervise, direct and discharge all employees or independent contractors as may be necessary for the operations, management, maintenance, repair and protection of the Premises
Ensure the Premises are kept in a reasonably clean condition and provide such cleaning services as are required to reasonably maintain the Premises.
Make such repairs as are reasonably required and purchase all supplies, fixtures, appliances, equipment and materials, necessary for the proper operation of the Premises or the fulfillment of Owner’s obligations under any lease, or under the building codes, zoning or licensing requirements and other federal, state or tribal requirement applicable to the Premises where Independent Contractor receives notice from Owner or a government agency that such requirements must be met; provided that Independent Contractor shall not make any purchase or perform or contract for any work where costs are within the budget. Or, when such circumstances constitute an emergency requiring immediate action for the protection of the Premises or of tenants or other persons or to avoid the suspension of necessary services.
Act as intermediary in negotiations between Owners and tenants
Advise Owner on market conditions, prices, legal requirements and related matters

Skills, knowledge, judgment required or reasonably expected of firms or persons performing comparable services.
Thorough knowledge of the real estate market in local community and Arizona.
Arizona Commercial Real Estate Broker License
Five or more years’ experience with the commercial real estate
Must comply with all of the commercial real estate brokers ethical guidelines
Must be bondable
Must Pass Pre-Contract drug screen and background check.

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About Colorado River Indian Tribes

The Colorado River Indian Tribes include four distinct Tribes - the Mohave, Chemehuevi, Hopi and Navajo. There are currently about 4,277 active Tribal members.

The CRIT Reservation was created in 1865 by the Federal Government for “Indians of the Colorado River and its tributaries,” originally for the Mohave and Chemehuevi, who had inhabited the area for centuries. People of the Hopi and Navajo Tribes were relocated to the reservation in later years.

The reservation stretches along the Colorado River on both the Arizona and California side. It includes almost 300,000 acres of land, with the river serving as the focal point and lifeblood of the area.

The primary community in the CRIT Reservation is Parker, Arizona, which is located on a combination of Tribal land, leased land that is owned by CRIT and land owned by non-Native Americans. There are other, smaller communities on the reservation, including Poston, located 10 miles south of Parker.