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Location: Los Medanos College


Salary: Contract


Position Definition:


The President is Chief Executive Officer of the college. and has a direct reporting relationship to the District. The President reports to the District Chancellor. The President and is responsible for the delivery of educational and other services provided by the college, the supervision of the administrative staff and all educational programs and services of the college. The President provides high level direction regarding the overall operation of the college, its outreach locations, and centers. The President delegates to the Vice President, Deans and Directors the supervision of other administrative, teaching and classified staff.


Distinguishing Characteristics:


The President provides visionary leadership and understands and promotes the roles of the community college in a changing society. The President independently performs assigned critical and highly complex senior management level duties with an entrepreneurial spirit and effectiveness, speed, and accuracy. The President is responsible to foster a dynamic college atmosphere conducive to academic excellence and optimal functioning. The President is a District team member on the Chancellor’s cabinet. The President has a deep appreciation and respect for students, staff and faculty, and an understanding of all aspects of student life and how faculty and staff can support students.


Examples of Duties/Essential Functions:


The President is primarily responsible for the following:


Develops and maintains channels of communication with staff members regarding all aspects of college operations including curriculum; instruction; business administration; finance; planning; construction and maintenance of physical facilities; personnel; student services; and educational planning.


Maintains the college as a community institution by serving as the chief interpreter of the needs of the students and service area of the college, and promotes the development and implementation of needed programs and services.


Provides leadership for the college as whole, including, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of educational and fiscal programs of the college.


Assures compliance with college and District policies, state and federal regulations and requirements of accreditation agencies.


Provides administrative direction in the development and initiation of college policies and procedures, as well as the organizational structure, which affect curriculum, instruction, student services and activities, and other college operations.


Presides over the decision-making process and participates in the governance structure of the college to ensure that final decisions and college policies are in accord with the general Districtwide policies and decisions officially adopted by the Governing Board.


Oversees the preparation of the annual college budget and directs operations of the college within the provisions of the budget once it is approved by the Governing Board.


Supervises, coordinates, and evaluates the general activities of all college administrators, and delegates to them such authority and responsibility as is required to perform their assigned duties.


Advises the Chancellor on matters related to District planning, policies, and operations as they affect the college.


Participates in hiring, training and evaluation of diverse faculty and staff highly qualified to achieve college goals.


Encourages professional excellence among faculty, staff, and administration to achieve the college’s mission and goals.


Represents the college to the community, promoting positive relationships and providing open communication with all constituency groups and stakeholders; builds strong partnerships with local schools, business, industry, and government. Develops and contributes to positive public relations and advocacy for the college and the District at the state and national levels while serving on committees and other activities.


Performs related duties as required.


Minimum Qualifications:




EDUCATION: A master’s degree from an accredited college or university is required. EXPERIENCE: A minimum of five years of senior/cabinet-level management experience in higher education or related environment, preferably at in a community college.


Demonstrated cultural competency, sensitivity to and understanding of diversity in the workplace and public educational environments. License/Certification: A valid Class C California Driver’s License.


Knowledge Of:


Participatory governance; principles and practices of administrative organization and management, planning, supervising and evaluating the work of others, employee motivation and training; applicable federal, state, and county/local regulations as they affect community college programs and students; local community needs; collective bargaining contract provisions; ; principles, practices and use of research as it relates to community college education, and ability to communicate findings in writing and orally; the relationship and interaction of a community college and the diverse communities, special-interest groups, and public agencies it serves; the purposes, goals and philosophy underlying the delivery of education in a community college setting; Title 5 of the California Education Code and accreditation standards and processes; principles and practices of budget development and administration; interest-based approaches to problem solving and conflict resolution.; and team building acumen and demonstrated successful leadership in a complex environment.


Skill To:


Ability To:


Plan, organize, direct and evaluate the activities, programs, and personnel of the college; develop and evaluate comprehensive plans that meet the needs of present and future college and community needs; advocate for, understand and demonstrate the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion; lead the personnel of a college, by inspiring, motivating, developing and directing people; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ensure the preparation of clear and concise administrative and financial reports; work effectively in a participatory governance environment to accomplish the goals and objectives of the college; communicate effectively and constructively with persons of diverse cultures, language groups, and abilities; understand and support interest-based approaches to problem solving and conflict resolution; demonstrate sensitivity to and ability to work with the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, gender, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, faculty, and staff, including those with disabilities; manage fluctuating resources to minimize disruptions; collaborate effectively with the college and District in enrollment management activities; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Desirable Qualifications:


Embraces the Mission of the Community College in California: Exhibits awareness of the CA community college and has management experience in navigating relevant issues. Implements policies & practices guided by the diverse needs of students/community; & promotes rigor that results in high student achievement to advance the community college mission.

Collaborative Leadership: Has a clear commitment to a collegial environment and inclusion in important participatory governance decision-making processes. Exhibits a collaborative leadership style with all constituent groups to accomplish critical institutional objectives.

Values Diversity: Embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its forms as a Districtwide value; Experienced at advocating for the educational success and support of Black/African Americans, Latinx, Indigenous/Native Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disabilities, and other minoritized groups of disproportionately impacted students; Focuses on meeting needs of underserved student & community populations; Seeks diversity in employee positions.

Effective Organizational Leadership: Understands how instruction, student services, academic support services, business & administrative services, and technology interface to effectively support student learning and other institutional processes at a community college or institution of higher ed.


Embraces Innovation: Creates a culture that encourages exploring new possibilities and innovative approaches that have significant potential to advance the college mission & vision.

Effective Fiscal and Resource Management: Understands the role of finances in planning, budgeting, assessing, & leading continuous improvement in a higher learning environment. Effectively manages resources to advance the college purpose.

Courage to Lead in Difficult Times: Within the context of a higher learning environment, has courage and perseverance to address challenges and confrontations. Deliberate in assessing diverse and conflicting perspectives; brings those perspectives to consensus and successful outcomes. Effective, data-informed decision maker and manager of change. Action- and results-oriented, innovative and creative, & responds to situations timely, particularly in periods of uncertain funding or disruption.

Effectively Motivates Others: Inspires trust and confidence through strong motivational skills. Exhibits outstanding communication skills, strong work ethic, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for the organization. Successful team builder with proven ability to motivate all constituent group members.

Highest Ethics and Integrity: Exhibits personal/professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships with a strong sense of transparency, fairness, & equity in all decision making.

Advancing External Relationships: Maintains high visibility and has successful experience in cultivating and maintaining external relationships at the local, regional, state, and national levels as it pertains to community colleges or higher learning institutions. Commits personally & supports others in seeking external forms of resources through formal organizations.

Positive Labor Group Relations: Understands the CA collective bargaining environment and the need to work effectively with all formal employee groups. Relevant experience addressing the successful negotiations outcomes.

Effective Leadership in a Multi-College District Environment: Understands President’s role within the structure of a multi-college district. Engages with leadership in a creative, innovative, & respectful manner. Engages with the Chancellor and Board of Trustees & other college leadership.


Special Instructions:


Qualified candidates must submit a complete on-line application, resume, unofficial transcript and a cover letter, not to exceed five (5) pages. A candidate will succinctly state how s/he would address the Challenges, Issues, and Opportunities at the college. Candidates should cite specific examples from background and experience to demonstrate knowledge and expertise necessary for this position. The letter of application should indicate to what extent personal qualities and professional characteristics and skills match the preferred qualifications sought for this position.


(Note: The first interviews will be held 4/24/23-4/25/23 and the final interviews and public forums will be held during the week of 5/11/23-5/12/23.)


Job Close Date: 4/6/2023


Open Until Filled: No


To apply, visit https://apptrkr.com/3936871


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