Theater Staging Specialist


Posting Number: 0001834


Location: Los Medanos College


Salary: $63,552, step 1 – $77,424, step 5 per year


Position Definition:


To oversee and participate in the construction, maintenance and operation of stage sets and use of the theater.


Distinguishing Characteristics:




Examples of Duties/Essential Functions:


Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Provides technical direction in the operation, management and production execution in the theater and supervises use of all theatrical and stage equipment and machinery.

• Confers with directors and designers on production design and viability; develops production schedule.

• Constructs production elements such as scenery and props using a variety of materials like woods, metals, plastics and fabrics; operates power/hand tools and machinery.

• Plans, supervises and participates in the construction and assembly of stage sets, electrical equipment, and new theater installations.

• Develops and implements use of technical illustrations, drafting, descriptions, and plans for construction.

• Maintains shop power/hand tools and large equipment, keeping in safe working order for staff and students to use; repairs tools and equipment when possible; seeks/contracts with outside repair businesses when necessary.

• Supervises and trains students in the use of facility-related equipment such as workshop, lighting, sound, and rigging; oversees and participates in set construction in workshop and theater areas.

• Provides instructional staff with appropriate teaching materials; prepares stage and classroom for instructional, campus, and community use.

• Provides labor, production, and rental cost estimates.

• Recommends and orders supplies and equipment; maintains, monitors and organizes inventory.

• Monitors supply budget; initiates payment of invoices; monitors departmental income receipts.

• Provides technical advice to groups using the theater; ensures proper, safe use and reports any misuse/damage to the facility as necessary.

• Performs related duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:





• Two (2) years of experience in an industry or academic technical theater setting with exposure to all facets of performing arts, including lead responsibility.



• Possession of an Associate degree from an accredited college in theater production or a related field, or equivalent.


Knowledge Of:


• Stage lighting, audio, video, rigging and construction for a variety of theatrical productions.

• Previous and current technologies in theatrical operations such as: lighting controls and fixtures, audio processing equipment, rigging and staging systems.

• Stage building materials, properties, furniture and scenery.

• Tool safety and basic operational maintenance.

• Proper methods, techniques, and materials for stage craft.

• Basic structural engineering, carpentry, electronics, electrical wiring, scenic painting, technical illustration, welding, rigging and rope-craft, video, construction materials and drafting.

• Theatrical production management and business operations including basic bookkeeping and computer skills.

• Basic mathematical skills, including geometry.


Skill To:




Ability To:


• Lift, carry, push or pull heavy objects up to 50 lbs.

• Accurately estimate material and labor costs.

• Design and troubleshoot stage lighting, scenic presentation, electrical, rigging and general repairs.

• Interpret plans, designs, and specifications; design basic stage settings.

• Maintain records, logs, and inventories.

• Organize and prioritize own and others’ work.

• Safely operate and perform maintenance on a variety of hand and power tools.

• Identify, report and resolve facility safety hazards where appropriate.

• Perform mathematical calculations rapidly and accurately.

• Supervise, train and lead student assistants.

• Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

• Understand and carry out both oral and written instructions in an independent manner.

• Establish and maintain cooperative work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.

• Demonstrate understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability, and religious background of all students, faculty and staff, and with all individuals encountered in the performance of required duties.


Desirable Qualifications:


• Experience with managing budgets, tracking financial expenditures and generating reports.

• Experience with delegating and supervising tasks assigned to student workers, including students enrolled in drama courses such as stagecraft.

• Excellent communications skills, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

• Working knowledge of and experience with drafting, theatrical design, construction, and theatrical equipment maintenance.

• Have a Bachelors degree or higher with a minimum of 3 years experience designing theatrical sets and running a shop.

• Knowledge and experience in cataloging equipment and props.

• Sensitivity to and ability to work with people of diverse races, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation and disabilities.


Special Instructions:


Note: New employees will be placed at the first step which is $5,296.00 per month, second step $5,564.00 per month or third step at $5,845.00 per month (depending upon experience). Based on current salary placement guidelines, all step increases for which an employee becomes eligible shall take place on July 1st of each fiscal year. These increases will occur, on annual basis, until the maximum step of $6,452.00 per month is reached on the salary schedule.


YEARLY SALARY: $63,552, step 1 – $77,424, step 5


Job Close Date: 4/10/2023


Open Until Filled: No


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