Administrative Assistant
Position Description:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the principal investigative arm of the United States Department of Justice. The
Bureau is charged with gathering and reporting facts, locating witnesses, and obtaining evidence in cases involving Federal
jurisdiction. The FBI Office of the General Counsel (OGC) provides comprehensive legal advice to the Director, other FBI
officials and divisions, and field offices on a wide array of investigative and administrative operations. The Administrative
Assistant will support the Front Offices of the OGC or Quantico Virginia (Laboratory or Academy). Must have experience
and professional proficiencies in administrative and related support services.
Position Responsibilities:
 Receive and screen all telephone calls as needed for the Unit, determines the nature,
purpose, and sensitivity of the call, and recommends to responsible personnel whether or
not the circumstances require personal attention or refer the call to appropriate staff
 Assist with daily scheduling and monitoring of Special Agents and Intelligence Analyst class
schedules for IALB
 Assist with annual equipment inventory, coordinating with administrative unit on tracking,
logging, scanning, and locating inventory of staff in the Branch
 Interface with personnel to coordinate meetings; maintain logs, records, and files; provide
end-user support; and perform general administrative duties
 Assist in transaction level management of budget and bills as requested with financial
 Prepare and/or maintain documentation, procedures, and methods, including user
reference manuals
 Route questions via phone and email to the relevant attorney
 Assist unit executive and employees with administrative needs such as clerical support, data
processing, and office administrative organization
 Develop, draft, write and edit reports, briefs, proposals, and other documents
 Schedule, arrange, and new employees and visitors for trainings and other engagements
with prior approval, or upon request, and based on established practices
 Ensure non-access personnel requiring access to the SCIF gained entry and signed in as
appropriate; directed to appropriate office
 Assist with calendar, conference room schedules, interviews and meeting invites as needed
 Transmit, receive, and acknowledge electronic mail and messages, checking transmittals for
proper clearances; prints hard copies of incoming mail or messages and routes to
designated units entering applicable date, time, or other identifying data into electronic files
or documents, as may be required. May be responsible for supplies, equipment, and
printing and maintenance services
 Prepare documents for imagining/scanning; and scan, copy and file documents
 Develop, draft, and edit reports, briefs, correspondence, proposals, and other documents
 Proofread, merge document versions, and other document editing before submitting them
for final review, using Microsoft Office Products
 Pull, track, and re-file documents in the designated database or paper filing system
identified by existing SOP
 May be responsible for procurement of office supplies and coordinating equipment,
printing, and maintenance services
 Assist with the preparation of prospective OGC intern intake by organizing, sorting, and
filing of applicant packets

 Make travel arrangements and maintains computerized record of itineraries, including their
drafting and preparation. Reviews itineraries prepared by others to maintain awareness of
movement, at all times, so that they may be contacted as necessary
 Arrange for conferences, assuring that room, seating supplies, back-up information or
equipment is available. Reviews travel voucher when trip is completed. In response to
frequent unavoidable changes in DGC’s schedule, adjusts the appointment schedules of
others, and notifies DGC regarding schedule or appointment changes and other
engagements with prior approval, or upon request, and based on established practices
 Maintain personnel records for the Branch, showing dates of entry, assignments and
changes of status, residences, and telephone numbers, as assigned by the COS
 Assist in Discovery and court preparation by organizing, scanning, and Bates-Stamping FBI
discovery documents for delivery to opposing counsel
 Prepare files for hearings and trials; assemble notebooks; pull file copies of documents, tab
binders, number, bind, label, re-file documents and shelving; pack boxes and prepare them
for shipment
 Organize paperwork and overall general office files according to an efficient filing system
and digitalize all important documents
 Assist Paralegal with the Discovery files and organizing them into the electronic filing system
 Compiling, maintaining, and updating FSLU records as directed
 Assist with calendar, conference room schedules, interviews and meeting invites as needed
 Strong communication skills: ability to interact with supervisors and peers
 Proofread, merge document versions, and other document editing before submitting them
for final review, using Microsoft Office Products
Required Skills and Experience:
 Shall have an Associate’s Degree; and at least one (1) year experience administrative services; OR
shall have at least four (4) years of experience in the field of office management or a related area
 Shall have at least one (1) year experience coordinating schedules and scheduling meetings using
MS Outlook
 Shall be proficient in use of MS Word to create and format documents using its dynamic features
(e.g., sections, styles). Proficient in using Excel’s basic calculations functions and formatting to
create tables, charts, and graphs
 Shall have demonstrated clerical experience in drafting memos, reports, and other document
without grammatical or typographical errors. Familiarity with basic legal terms
 Shall have demonstrated customer service orientation and interpersonal skills
 Shall have demonstrated ability to manage supplies and ensure office equipment such as printers
and fax machines are fully operational; in an office of >40 professionals
 Desired Experience: Previous experience with the FBI OGC processes but is not required
Physical Demands:
 The contractor must be able to lift up to 25 lbs. without assistance – includes standing, walking, bending, twisting,
and performing a variety of other physical functions on a consistent basis
Required Security:
 US Citizenship
 Top Secret Clearance

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