The Client Services Intern serves as the tip of the spear when it comes to Foundant’s commitment to Client Services, and is expected to hold up the standards of the Support team and it’s legacy while efficiently handling incoming client issues. One taking on this role must be socially capable and empathetic; able to read clients, address their issues, and give them a positive experience throughout the process. This position will be responsible for replying to incoming phone calls, chat messages, and emails and for the documentation of the solution and client interaction via Salesforce. A Client Services Intern will become familiar with and be able to support all three products over the course of their internship, seeking assistance when unable to answer questions on their own.


  • To gain an intimate understanding of all three Foundant products: GLM, GrantHub, and CommunitySuite
  • Learn to communicate professionally and clearly with not only clients, but the other members of the Support team and those working in other teams
  • Understand the inner workings of a small tech company, and continue to find new challenges
    and things to learn throughout the internship.

Client Services Intern responsibilities:

  • A Foundant Client Services Intern will be responsible for gaining and maintaining an evolving
    understanding of all three Foundant softwares: GLM, GrantHub, and Community Suite.
  • Thoroughly and appropriately answering incoming phone calls, chats, and emails while
    maintaining the Foundant Client Services standard.
  • Work on various types of Professional Services and projects such as Site Builds, Report Builds,
    and general CSM Requests.
  • Connect with client’s CSMs when appropriate to escalate issues or red flags.
    A Client Services Intern will be responsible for thorough, appropriate documentation of client
  • Work as a team to ensure that even while you or your teammates are out of the office, the
    responsibilities of the support team are taken care of.
  • Demonstrate technical aptitude and problem solving skills through finding software solutions for

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