•         Develop and maintain customer relationships through phone & electronic interactions to solidify company’s credibility and value to the customer.

•         Provide customers with the highest level of customer service by dealing with and resolving customer requests.

•         Utilize all required tools to enter, monitor, and report on customer activity and monitor progress of sourcing, production, and delivery.

•         Work with internal departments to manage inventory and provide accurate billing.

•         Project a sense of urgency and appropriate judgment when dealing with and resolving customer requests.

•         Escalate key service issues or opportunities to sales representatives, appropriate internal departments, and upper management as deemed appropriate.

•         Develop excellent relationships with all internal departments and utilize those relationships to help resolve customer issues.

•         Assist with idea generation and brainstorming for customer projects and events .

•         Create and maintain a professional relationship with vendors.

•         Negotiate and collaborate with vendors to ensure that we have a very competitive offering.  This may include ensuring we receive preferred pricing, early pay discounts, and reduced service fees, etc.

•         Act as a representative of GO2 Partners to create requests for bids to suppliers, selecting the appropriate supplier, and issuing Purchase Orders on GO2 Partners behalf.

•         Competitively price projects ensuring that margins are consistent with company goals.

•         Accurately monitor and forecast inventory levels to ensure availability of stock when applicable.

•         Communicate effectively with the Sales Team, informing and updating them regularly to guarantee that sales and customer objectives are met.

•         Compile and maintain all required electronic files and paperwork, records, documents, etc.

•         Partner with Sales Representatives to provide the highest possible level of service to customers.

Professional experience with the cannabis and/or gaming industries is a bonus.

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About GO2 Partners, Inc.

GO2 is an employee owned company, offering competitive compensation and a comprehensive and generous benefits package.