Highline Buyers is one of the largest automobile brokering companies in the nation. We are looking for team members who are interested in helping locate and procure vehicles for wholesale and export.

As a Business Development Manager, you will be working closely with our team members to build relationships with individuals in the automotive and wholesale industry. With our guidance, you will build and manage a pipeline of inventory for resale. You will also manage your own team of buyers to maximize purchasing power across the country. Average earnings range from $1500-5000+ per week.

Experience in the automotive industry is not required; we look for individuals who work hard and are excited to learn. The ability to grow and maintain personal relationships is a huge plus.

Think you’re a good fit? Here’s what we look for:

-Self motivated and able to manage themselves

-Willingness to learn

-Strong organizational skills

-Responsible and reliable

Apply today for more information! We are looking to hire someone as soon as possible, and will respond quickly to your inquiry.

Please send a VALID PHONE NUMBER with your inquiry to info@highlinebuyers.com and someone will call you within 48 hours.

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