Duties and Responsibilities: (Specific areas of responsibility included but not limited to)

Monitors all areas of the property at all times, identifying potential security and/or safety risks and reporting same to the appropriate individual or entity, for proper resolution.
Utilizes necessary equipment, to identify, record, document and report illegal, suspicious or unusual activities occurring on property.
Develops and maintains a working knowledge of all rules and regulations of the TCRA and ensures strict adherence throughout the SYBF.
Protects botanical enterprise assets through the consistent, thorough monitoring of all activities on property.
Supports other employees, supervisors and facility management, with regard to protection of assets in their respective departments.
Maintains or strengthens skills through review and self-study of all TCRA regulations.
Coordinates, with the TCRA Security Department, when Surveillance discovers a matter, which needs further investigation or attention.
Held accountable for the accuracy and thoroughness of departmental records and reports.
Make suggestions and recommendations, as appropriate, with regard to possible changes in the policies and procedures of other departments, with the protection of enterprise assets in mind.
10.   Knowledge of local jurisdiction cannabis/marijuana laws (state, county, and tribal) and attendant TCRA regulations, internal controls, policies and procedures.