Date:   December 20, 2019

Opening:   2

Position:   Carpenter (FEMA TAR – Tribal Grant)

Reports To:    Supervisor or Lead, Tribal Council and Tribal Chairman

Duration:  Temporary/ Term Limited

Pay Rate:   DOE

Closing Date:  Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

Carpenter will adhere to abide by the understandings of the Policy direction of the Tribal Council, Tribal Chairman and the Administrative Supervisor of the FEMA TAR requirements. The Carpenter has the responsibility of carrying out the activities relating to the completion of the FEMA DR-4422 disaster recovery project and is responsible for completing daily projects and operations of assigned Tribal programs, including all contracts, grant guidelines, requirements, and tribal administration guidance. The Contractor will maintain a professional appearance, safety working attitude and safe working environment for the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians, its employees and its Tribal Members always. The recovery project will include but not limited to the construction of bridge(s), install and or placement of heavy and or large objects as directed to ensure disaster reinforcement and resiliency project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Prepare and interpret drawings for construction projects on-site

2. Interpret client requests and provide mock-ups for clients to approve prior to commencing work.

3. Build other projects based on demand.

4. Select and evaluate materials for defects.

5. Install or relocate campgrounds heavy and or large equipment at various sites directed

6. Follow- all codes requirement for construction of projects as assigned.

7. Effective communication skills, work as a team, dependability and punctuality is a must.

8. Perform other related duties as directed by the Tribal Council.

Minimum Qualification:

A.   Skills & Abilities:

–        1 (one) + years’ experience in finish carpentry.

–        Additional 1 (one) + years’ experience in rough carpentry.

–        Extensive knowledge of power tools, including but not limited to: skill saw, miter and jigsaw.

–        Possession of basic hand tools and reliable transportation to job sites.

–        Willingness to work overtime when necessary to deliver the project on-time.

–        Capable of climbing on ladders, lifting and carrying up to 80 lbs.

–        Knowledge of lumber grades and countertop material.

B.   Additional Requirements:

–        Submit to and clear DRUG TEST and anytime upon request.

–        Successfully complete a Criminal Background Check.

–        Outstanding attitude and work as a TEAM.

Indian Preference:

Native American Indian Preference shall apply to this position pursuant to the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (24 U.S.C. 450, et seq.), 25 CFR 271.44 and other relevant laws (title 25, U.S. code, Section 472 & 473).

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