Department: Public Safety


Supervisor: Captain and Fire Chief

Subordinates: 2-4


Under general supervision, to respond to fire alarms and other emergency calls for the protection of life and property; to have primary responsibility for the safe operation of fire apparatus, use and routine maintenance of fire vehicles and pumping equipment utilized during firefighting activities; to render first aid and lifesaving assistance, and to perform related work as required.


• Respond to alarms, drives fire equipment to and from fires, and operates a pumping engine engaged in boosting water pressure from street mains, and drafts through hose lines to nozzles.

• Utilizing hydraulics’ theory and mathematics to calculate correct pump pressure to ensure required water pressure at nozzles.

• Responsible for operations of pumps cleans, washes, and services equipment, schedules annual testing, and maintenance of apparatus.

• Inspects equipment and pump motors, clean and maintains hoses carried on equipment

• Responsible to place fire trucks inappropriate position at the scene of a fire or in other emergencies calling for ladders or special equipment.

• Performs a full range of firefighting duties, rescue, and lifesaving work through the use of ladders, extrication, and resuscitation equipment.

• Estimate heights and adjust equipment to ensure proper and safe operation

• Conduct inspections of public assemblies and commercial, industrial, or government buildings and other public establishments to secure compliance with codes and regulations pertaining to fire safety.

• Inspect and tests fire protection systems, examine the storage, handling, and use of flammable liquids, hazardous materials, and issue orders to comply with codes.

• Responsible for responding to complaints of subordinates, requests for information, and assist in the maintenance of the fire station and grounds.

• Responsible for day-to-day inspections of condition readiness of equipment, flow tests hydrants, study the geography of the Reservation, location of fire hydrants and water sources.

• Administers first aid to victims of accidents and fires, operates lifting, hoisting spreading, and pulling equipment, and operates foam and additive proportions.

• Assume charge of an engine company in the absence of the Fire Captain

• Performs a variety of collateral administrative work involving fire prevention, public relations, reports, records, and suppression programs.

• Engages in public information activities, maintains inventories, recommends the purchase of firefighting and other equipment,

• Operates Tribal vehicles, Type I, Type III, and Type VI.

• Performs related work as required, training, performance, leadership


• Current firefighting principles, methods, techniques, and strategies

• Knowledge in hazardous materials, fire prevention procedures, and related codes

• Principle of hydraulic, construction engineering, personnel, supervision, and training

• Knowledge in tribal geography and watery system

• Ability to prepare and present concise written and oral reports, conduct thorough inspections and investigation

• Ability to calculate hydraulic engineering problems under emergency conditions

• Ability to perform emergency First Aid and the EMT level and respond quickly to changing situations under emergency pressures

• Skill in fire and rescue duties

• Establish effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work

• Provide current licenses and certificates.


Experiences and Training Guidelines

• And a combination of training, education, and experience, which demonstrates possession of the knowledge and abilities stated above and the ability to perform the duties of the position. A typical qualifying entrance background experience as a Fire Apparatus

Engineer, and Completion of course work in fire science or a closely related field; from which the incumbent has acquired the knowledge and abilities listed above.

• E.M.T., C.P.R/AED., C.S.F.M., Fire Fighter I,

• I.C.S. 100, I.C.S 200, ICS 300, Hazmat FRO, S-110, 130, 190,

• Class B w/ tank, firefighter endorsements, driver op 1/A, Driver op 1/B,

• Engine Academy

• Or can obtain the above within the first year of employment.

• Must have a valid California Driver’s License Also attached printout from the
Department for Motor Vehicle to pass a security background check


All employees are expected to follow the Tribal Personnel Policies and Procedures of La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians and must adhere to any additional applicable addendums

Working Conditions:

The position requires that the employee be exposed to loud engine pumping noises for long hours of the day and night, exposure to long hot dusty conditions, long cold windy conditions, and up to 14-day wildland fire assignments in all-terrain and geographic conditions, as well as biological, chemical hazardous conditions

Environmental Conditions:

Incumbents may be required to work with harsh or toxic substances, to wear protective apparel including goggles, face protectors, aprons, shoes, and breathing apparatus. Incumbents may be required to work at considerable heights, sustain physical exertion, and/or to work in physically uncomfortable positions for prolonged periods.

Physical Conditions:

Essential and marginal functions require maintaining physical conditions necessary for arduous work and frequent bending, turning, reaching, grasping, kneeling, standing, sitting, and walking, hiking in steep uneven terrain, and moderate to heavy pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying.

Ability to complete the Pack Test at the Arduous Level required for NWCG qualifications.

Indian Preference Policy: In accordance with the Indian Preference Act of 1934 (25 USC 472), preference in filling this vacancy will be given to qualified Indian candidates who present proof of eligibility for Indian Preference. Verification on BIA Form 5-4432 or from a Tribal ID card must be provided with the application. For purposes of this policy Indian/Native
American is defined as an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe.

Notice of Drug-Free Workplace Requirements: The La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians is committed to maintaining a drug-free working environment and complying with the Drug-
Free Workplace Act of 1998, 45CFR, part 76, subpart F. The interested candidate must be able to pass a drug screening test and maintain a drug-free and professional working environment.