• Are you a dedicated champion of justice and equality, driven by the deep commitment to build grassroots power? 
  • Do you possess the skill and passion required to effectively manage and foster the growth of a non-profit organization? 
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to wholeheartedly work for a cause you believe in, and know that the work you are doing is making Montana a better place for everyone? 
  • Are you frustrated with white supremacists and religious extremists falsely claiming they’re speaking for all Montanans? 

The Montana Human Rights Network is actively seeking a passionate executive director to build collective power, and amplify the voices of people who are not heard across our state.

What Does the Executive Director Do?

Leadership & Strategy: Facilitates involvement and oversight of MHRN with the Board of Directors, and leads the strategic planning for the organization in partnership with the Board of Directors and input from staff.

Fiscal Management: Ensures the fiscal responsibility of MHRN by providing ongoing oversight of fiscal operations and reporting to the Board of Directors.

Development: Develops MHRN annual fundraising and development plan and stewards relationships with foundations, donors, and other key stakeholders.

Program: Coordinates MHRN state-level advocacy and legislative agenda, including lobbying and outreach activities. Provides vision and leadership to guide the programmatic work of the organization.

Operations: Ensures MHRN is operating in compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines with specific and applied knowledge related to diversity, inclusion, and nondiscrimination.

Staff Management: Enables leadership at all levels of the organization by engaging best practices related to the recruitment, retention, support, and growth of a culturally diverse staff.

Membership & Engagement: Builds relationships with a broader community of allies and potential partners, including representing MHRN in coalitions and other collaborative tables. Engages leaders and emerging leaders in key communities to increase grassroots support and membership.

Communications & Media: Establishes MHRN strategic messaging and represents the organization to decision makers, donors, supporters, and the general public.

Are You the Right Match for This Job?

Successful candidates for this position will have a combination of many of the following qualities as a result of their experience and/or education in human rights advocacy (lived, grassroots, academic, and professional experience are all relevant): 

  • Experience transforming racial equity, inclusion, and justice values into tangible projects and outcomes.
  • Knowledge and expertise in justice issues related to human rights and anti-oppression/counter-extremism work.
  • Effective interpersonal skills and ability to build coalitions and trusting relationships with a broad range of individuals, organizations, and groups.
  • Experience recruiting and retaining diverse staff and building an effective team.
  • Ability to set clear objectives, and develop and execute actionable plans.
  • Knowledge of financial management, fundraising, grant writing, and cultivating relationships with donors.
  • Knowledge of laws and policies connected to legal compliance for 501c(3)s, 501c(4)s, and PACs (Political Action Committees).

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About Montana Human Rights Network

In response to white supremacist activity in Montana in the late 1980s, local groups formed to help their communities counteract extremism. In 1990 these groups came together and formed the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN). MHRN informs and organizes Montana residents so they can realize their power to create justice, equality, and solidarity in their communities. We challenge bigotry and discrimination, support marginalized people, and advocate for legislation that honors everyone’s basic rights.