The Senior Manager, Assessment’s role, holds a prominent position within OAD, reporting to the Senior Director, Assessments. The Senior Manager conducts on-site and off-site assessments and produces non-profit business evaluation reports in alignment with the NeighborWorks America assessment methodology. Senior Manager, Assessments identify and document organizational successes and areas of risk, including determining areas for improvement and corrective actions. This role leads or supports specialized teams and employs analytical tools, core technical expertise, and evaluation techniques to assess current and prospective network organizations (NWO).

“Due to pandemic circumstances and our commitment to provide the highest care for our community, NeighborWorks America encourages all new employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before being hired.”

Specific Job Requirements

Managing and conducting non-profit business assessments of NWOs and potential network members by:

Coordinating and implementing on-site or off-site assessment tasks and methods consistent with NeighborWorks America policies and procedures to prepare for assessments.
Collaborating with consultants to enhance the analysis of resource management and line of business assessment.
Assessing the NWO’s performance in the areas of production, financial performance, financial management, board governance, personnel, strategic planning, contract management and technical operating systems by reviewing documents, processes and procedures and conducting interviews with NWO board members, management, staff members and partners.
Collaborating with Senior Managers of Financial Analysis, to evaluate the organization’s financial health through the examination of audits, interim financial reports, and other financial documents.
Assessing NWO’s compliance with NeighborWorks America charter agreement.
Reporting preliminary assessment results to senior leadership and board members during on-site assessments.
Partnering with other assessment staff members and cross-divisional NeighborWorks America staff members to understand, interpret and analyze trends in production, risk, and network health to incorporate into off-site assessments.
Documenting a final report based on offsite documents and/or onsite interviews as well as feedback and areas for improvement consistent with OAD quality assurance procedures and NeighborWorks America performance objectives.
Providing a summary assessment and recommended organizational health rating to the OHTS committee in support of its Congressional oversight responsibilities and NeighborWorks America’s grant-making process.
Collaborating with relationship managers and NWOs to resolve assessment findings and recommend rating deferrals.
Additional requirements:

Commitment to advancing NeighborWorks America’s mission to promote affordable housing and development.
Commitment to learning and remaining informed of NeighborWorks America’s lines of business.
Commitment to advancing the assessment process and product using data and data tools.
Assisting with on-the-job training of new staff and consultants. Designing and teaching workshops for OAD staff, consultants, NWOs, and other business units as needed.
Assisting with the identification of “best practices.”
Assisting in updating policies, procedures, practices and documents to ensure they are in alignment with NeighborWorks America requirements, industry standards, and good business practices.
Participating in and leading divisional or cross-divisional task groups established to improve coordination, information, or practices.
Representing NeighborWorks America at requested events sponsored by the corporation or for its network members.
Assisting with other corporate initiatives as assigned

Nature of Work Contacts:
Specific contact with Senior Managers, Financial Analysts and other NWA staff focusing on financial health issues within the network is required. The Senior Manager will work with a moderate level of independence and within established departmental guidelines and priorities.


Fiscal Responsibilities:
None specified.

Required Minimum Qualifications:
(a) Education: College level degree in business, non-profit management, finance, accounting or related field and/or equivalent relevant work experience.
(b) Experience: A minimum of eight (8) to ten (10) years relevant professional experience, preferably in organizations whose core business involves real estate development, asset and property management, lending and homeownership promotion, general community development that involves a diverse array of services through grant-funded programs. Will consider any combination of training, education, and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Advanced experience with non-profit boards of directors, including service on a non-profit board of directors preferred. Advanced, in-depth experience in developing outcome-based performance evaluations. In depth experience in evaluating financial statements and demonstrated recent experience in applying financial analysis skills.

(c) Licenses, Certifications: None specified.

(d) Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Knowledge of affordable housing or community development industries is required.
(e) NeighborWorks America Staff are expected to demonstrate excellence in the following:

Sensitivity to racial, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural differences
Effective, respectful, and timely communications with internal and external stakeholders
Listening effectively, seeks and accepts feedback
Effective teamwork
Analytic, thoughtful, and strategic thinking
Considering the mission, objectives, and goals of NeighborWorks and demonstrating an understanding of the impact of her/his/their decisions and behavior on the organization

(f) Technology: Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Preferred Qualifications:
A master’s degree in business, non-profit management, finance, accounting or other related field. Fluent in Spanish.

Working Conditions:
(a) Travel: Up to 25%.
(b) Physical/Sensory Demands: Fast-paced working environment, extensive computer usage.

Special Provisions:
None specified.

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About NeighborWorks America

What does it mean to be a mission-driven organization? A clearly defined and executed mission guides and informs, in good times and bad, and provides context for why our work matters. The pursuit of a mission motivates employees and other stakeholders, driving long- and short-term goals. People often claim they're "on a mission," but how do they deliver on it? At the end of the day, it is one of the fundamental ways we chart our course and measure success along the way.

At the foundation of the NeighborWorks mission are nearly 250 strong, healthy and prepared network organizations in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. As a congressionally chartered and funded nonpartisan nonprofit, we support organizations that provide communities with affordable housing, financial counseling and coaching, training, and resident engagement and collaboration in the areas of health, employment and education.