The TANF Director oversees the effectiveness and quality of service delivery, financial stewardship, and data operations of NFR’s TANF program. Specifically, the position is responsible for the development, implementation and effective administration of programs and services that promote the economic health and physical wellbeing of all Native American families within our approved service delivery area.  The TANF Director ensures the program is consistent in meeting establish goals of assisting TANF families in achieving self-sufficiency and independence, ending welfare dependency; prevention and reducing out-of-wedlock pregnancy; encouraging the formation and maintenance of stable, two-parent Native families; promoting parental involvement in their children’s education, growth and development; and providing job skills leading to employment opportunities. This position reports to the Tribal Council.

1.0       Program Administration
1.1       Manages and directs the administration of the Tribal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program in strict compliance with state and federal regulations and guidelines.

1.2           Ensures that program services are efficiently and effectively delivered with cultural sensitivity.

1.3           Assists in the resolution of complex and technical case problems, eligibility determinations, and hearing issues in accordance with statutes, regulations, and administrative policy.

1.4           Plans, develops, implements, and evaluates new programs and services, as well as evaluating existing programs and services. to promote the goals of the Tribal TANF mission statement.

1.5           Plans and implements programs which respond to consumer needs by using available benchmark data as well as locally developed measurements to recommend enhancements, and/or modifications to program development and that of new programs and adjustment of program goals and objectives.

1.5       Seeks funding and grant opportunities to support existing as well as new programs through state, federal and private sources; implements grant programs, ensures compliance, and submits all required reports in a timely manner.

1.6           Seeks input and advice on programs and services from the community, the TANF Advisory Committee and the Tribal Council.  Maintains open communication with all and keeps them informed of program accomplishments and successes.

1.7           Coordinates efforts and services as the liaison with other public and private agencies and service providers to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services while striving to minimize the duplication of effort and responsibilities


2.0           Operational and Fiscal Responsibilities:
2.1           Supports the team by working to provide supervision and training to direct reports.  Oversees their performance management and development.

2.2           Responsible for working with TANF supervisors in support and development of their reports.

2.3           Works with the Human Resources area in the hiring of personnel and in dealing with personnel issues/concerns to ensure compliance with NFR standards.

2.4           Prepares and submits an annual fiscal budget and staffing plan for approval by the Tribal Council.

2.3       Monitors expenses on a regular basis to ensure that they are authorized and within the approved budget.

2.4       Forecasts resources needed for effective service delivery by the department.

2.5       Reviews and/or approves department fiscal and data reports; oversees projections of revenue and expenditures to monitor and ensures compliance with local, state, federal, and other funding entities.

2.6       Develops, coordinates, and evaluates organizational efforts in the planning and implementation of programs across NFR TANF areas.

2.7       Consults with other public and private entities in the development of programs and facilities.

2.8       Develops and monitors department policies for compliance with federal and state requirements for TANF.

2.9       Designs reporting mechanisms for TANF areas to ensure sound fiscal management of program.

2.10     Advises Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer on program area staffing and budget needs.

2.11     Works closely with other NFR directors to ensure consistency of integration of services with other areas and departments.

3.0       General Organizational Expectations and Responsibilities
3.1       Calls, attends, and actively participates in all meetings (e.g., department meetings, program meetings, employee staff meetings) and other activities as required or assigned.

3.2       Attends workshops/seminars as necessary to increase skills and knowledge to provide effective care, treatment, and/or leadership.

3.3       Supports the overall needs of the organization by working flexible or extended hours when necessary.

3.4       Demonstrates awareness of, and compliance with, organizational mission and objective of NFR to provide support services for all members of the community.

3.5       Supports their own staff development by completing the required hours of continuing education each year.

3.6       Maintains confidentiality and respect for information regarding patients and other team members; abides by NFR Rules of Confidentiality and general privacy regulations regarding privacy.

3.7       Displays a positive, professional, and respectful demeanor always toward employees, peers, professional contacts, and Tribal members, maintaining a professional appearance and positive image for the organization.

3.8       Contributes to the team by promoting positive staff interaction, maintains open communication with other programs/departments.

3.9       Other work-related duties as assigned by supervisor. Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally either verbally or in writing.

Minimum of bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare, Sociology, Psychology, Business Administration, Public Administration, or a closely related field.

Minimum seven (7) or more years of relevant administrative and supervisory experience in a public or private social service program or agency that includes budget responsibility of 2.1 million minimum.

Possession of a valid and current California Driver’s License.


  • Demonstrated track record of success in developing and leading personnel and programs.
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • A commitment to improving the lives and wellbeing of the tribal community through the delivery of programs and services leading to a strong family unit, self-sufficiency, and independence.
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding in the delivery of social services programs, including eligibility and administrative requirements, for state and federal programs administered through the Tribal Government.
  • Knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of strategic plans with a diverse group of stakeholders that include the public.
  • Experience in selecting, mentoring, training, motivating, and providing leadership and direction to others including staff and volunteers.
  • An understanding of the principles of community organization and development.
  • Demonstrated analytic and problem-solving skills. Proven ability to take information from problem identification to the solution.
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in written communications
  • Ability to work collaboratively and successfully in a team environment.
  • Capable of managing multiple tasks and thrive in a deadline-driven environment with sometimes changing priorities.
  • Ability to work with people from diverse cultures, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds with knowledge of Native communities and possess sensitivity to Native needs

Work Environment

Work generally takes place within an office environment.  Air quality is good with general adequate lighting at desk/workstations.  Noise conditions are moderate and limited to self and others on telephone calls and general interactions with coworkers and the public.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to lift to 20 pounds and push up to 50 pounds (on wheels).

Must be able to hear staff on the phone and those who are served in-person and speak clearly to communicate information to clients and staff.

Must be able to read memos, computer screens, personnel forms, and administrative documents.

  • Must have high manual dexterity.
  • Must be able to reach above the shoulder level to work, must be able to bend, squat and sit, stand, stoop, crouch, reach, kneel, twist/turn, or any combination thereof.


Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position under the work conditions specified.


NFRTT complies with the Indian Preference Act. Preference in hiring is given to qualified Native Americans in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, US Code, Section 472 and 473). Subject to, but not in derivation of the Act, we are an equal opportunity employer.