The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board oversees the Northwest Tribal Elders Project (NTEP), Building Our Largest Dementia (BOLD) infrastructure, a project funded by CDC for the Healthy Brain Initiative (HBI): BOLD Public Health Program to address Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia In Indian Country. The Project Coordinators primary responsibilities are to provide coordination and support for the overall work of the BOLD and NTEP projects and is responsible for assisting tribes of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington with capacity building to address Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD).


Under the supervision of the NTEP/BOLD Program Manager, the Project Coordinator reports to the Program Manager of the NTEP/BOLD Project. The Coordinator provides general administrative support for the project director and project manager, organizing conference calls, webinars, and in-person meetings along with assisting with communication, education, data collection and orientation of the latest project developments. The coordinator will assist to organize conference personnel and tribal representatives to develop and implement ADRD prevention and management activities in tribal communities. This position will assist project staff with providing technical assistance to Northwest Tribes as they carry out activities to increase ADRD primary, secondary and tertiary prevention in program planning and priority setting.



Essential Functions:

Support efforts to engage partners and maintain relationships among the Tribes of Idaho, Oregon and Washington partners and relevant stakeholders to address Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, brain health, and cognitive decline in the Northwest Tribal communities.
Coordinate meetings with Idaho, Oregon and Washington tribes and/or tribal clinics to facilitate any support, technical assistance, or activity implementation.
Support program activities and implementation of education resources dissemination and provide information on early detection, screening, assessments, intervention, best practices and traditional wellness practices to support brain health, memory loss and cognitive decline.
·         Coordinate with/between tribal health programs to develop and disseminate education resources relating to ADRD

·         Coordinate training for tribal clinical providers. (Training will follow the criteria created by the NTEP advisory committee and health experts).

·         Coordinate with Communications department, all project communication activities, integrating NPAIHB and EpiCenter branding across all communication channels, including but not limited to website, reports, fact sheets, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels.

Assist program staff with efforts to develop culturally specific ADRD, brain health prevention media campaigns
Assist with development of media implementation and evaluation plan
Assist with dissemination of culturally tailored media and materials to tribal communities and tribal clinics.
Support special tribal elder advisory committee meetings to review grant activities.

Other Duties

Participate in meetings, workgroups, site visits, and conferences as required to achieve project objectives;
Assist with funding opportunities that align with current deliverables; and
Collaborate with other NPAIHB programs to meet related goals and objectives.


·         Bachelor degree or equivalent experience

·         Personal and/or professional knowledge and experience of Alzheimer’s and related dementia, and/or cognitive decline and brain health issues.

·         Experience working with Tribal Communities, Elders, Councils, Tribal Resolutions, and appropriate processes of Tribal governance. Experience with NW Tribes preferred.

·         Three years of program coordinating, planning and implementation experience.

·         Knowledge of related Alzheimer’s and dementia organizations (local, state-wide, regional, and national) available to serve NPAIHB tribes.

·         Knowledge in health education, prevention and promotion programs

Excellent writing skills
Excellent communication skills
Experience with multimedia development: social media content, and webpage updating
Must be highly organized and motivated, and be able manage complex projects and carry out all responsibilities of the job requirements with minimal day-to-day supervision
Must demonstrate discretion, tact, knowledge, judgment, and overall ability in working effectively with federal, tribal, and other professionals and facilitating participation and partnership in the activities of the program
Must be sensitive to cross-cultural differences, and able to work effectively within their context
Must be able to travel, as requested.

About Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Established in 1972, the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB or the Board) is a non-profit tribal advisory organization serving the forty-three federally recognized tribes of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Under the direction of the Director of the NWTEC, this new position will sit at the junction of our IT team and our Public Health Modernization Team. Our Information Technology (IT) team supports our organization with broad services, ranging from Technology and Infrastructure to Client Support Services.