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The Pauma Band of Mission Indians is seeking an experienced and results-oriented Agricultural Manager to oversee a 90-acre tribal farm. This candidate is responsible for positioning the team to successfully grow revenue and strengthen tribal food sovereignty. This position attracts business relationships and is responsible for marketing products, as well as achieving a growing plan, directing the work, and managing the operation of a tribally owned farm to include gardens, vineyards, olive groves, and indigenous plants. The manager is responsible for overseeing all stages of plant growth, including planting, fertilizing, watering, harvesting crops and making sure that the crops are properly packaged, stored, and sold.

This multifaceted position encompasses a wide range of duties and responsibilities related to the efficient operation include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Crop Management: Plan and oversee planting schedules, crop rotation, and cultivation practices. Make decisions about crops by evaluating factors such as market conditions, disease, soil conditions, and the availability of federal programs

·         Financial Management: Develop and manage budget, ensuring cost-effective farm operations. Monitor financial performance, analyze data, and make informed decisions to optimize profitability.

·         Personnel Management: Hire and train farm staff. Delegate tasks, set performance expectations, and provide leadership to create a cohesive and efficient workforce. Complete evaluations of direct reports and provide feedback to supervisors evaluating staff.

·         Strategic Planning: Develop and implement strategic plans for the farm, considering factors such as market trends, crop selection and sustainability practices.

·         Purchase and Inventory Management: Procure necessary supplies, equipment, and seeds. Management inventory levels to avoid shortages and wastage. Choose and buy supplies, such as seed, fertilizer, and farm machinery

·         Market Analysis of Sales: Analize market trends, identify opportunities, and make decisions regarding crop sales and pricing strategies. Develop relationships with buyers and negotiate contracts. Serve as the sales agent for crops.

·         Equipment and Facilities Maintenance: Oversee the maintenance and repair of farm machinery, equipment, and infrastructure. Ensure that facilities meet safety and regulatory standards.

·         Compliance and Regulatory Affairs: Stay informed about agricultural regulations, environmental standards, and safety protocols. Ensure the farm complies with tribal, local, state, and federal laws.

·         Record Keeping and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of farming activities, financial transactions, and inventory. Prepare reports for the Tribal Administrator and regulatory agencies as required.

·         Environmental Stewardship: Implement sustainable farming practices to minimize environmental impact. Consider conservation measures and engage in responsible land management.

·         Emergency Response and Risk Management: Develop and implement emergency response plans for unforeseen events such as natural disasters or disease outbreaks. Identify and manage risks to ensure the continuity of farm operations.

·         Community Relations: Build positive relationships with the tribal community, neighbors, and stakeholders. Participate in community events and address concerns in a proactive manner. Occasionally facilitate events and tours for visitors, providing educational insights into the farm’s agricultural practices.

·         Research and Innovation: Stay informed about advancement in agriculture technology and best practices. Implement innovative techniques to improve productivity and efficiency. techniques to improve productivity and efficiency.



Education, Training, and Experience


·         Associate’s degree of study to include agriculture, natural resources, or business. Considerable experience [three (3) years] in farm management may substitute for education.  Bachelor’s degree preferred.

·         At least five (5) years of agricultural experience.

·         At least two (2) years of supervisory experience.

·         At least twenty-five (25) years old with a valid California driver’s license and a clean driving record.






Skills and Abilities

·         Excellent agricultural business acumen, including knowledge of payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, managing records and transactions.

·         Proficient software knowledge, such as Microsoft Office Suite or 365, accounting systems, payroll systems.

·         Superb communications to relay goals and objectives, organizational initiatives, engage employees, buyers, and vendors.

·         Ability to work effectively in a team environment and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

·         Employee-management and decision-making skills.

·         Explore and pursue grants to offset operational costs that align with goals and objectives of the enterprise.

·         Ability to operate farm equipment safely and efficiently.



·         This position is often physically demanding.

·         Typically works outdoors but will also spend time in offices.

·         May work on trucks, tractors, and other vehicles and equipment.

·         Often exposed to hot and cold temperatures, depending on the weather.

·         Occasionally are exposed to contaminates, such as pesticides.

·         Sometimes are exposed to sounds and noise levels that are loud or distracting.

·         Sometimes exposed to hazardous equipment.

·         Sometimes work in bright and dim lighting, depending on time of day or worksite.

·         Often wear gloves, boots, and long-sleeve shirts.

·         This position is supervised by the Tribal Administrator but is also accountable to the Economic Development Committee for the financial optimization of operations.

·         Collaborate with the Groves Manager.

·         Attending and actively participating in management meetings and training.

·         Occasionally present information or proposals to the Tribal Council, Economic Development Committee, or General Council.



·          At-will.


Pauma is a Drug Free Workplace: All new employees must pass a pre-employment drug screen as well as participate in random drug testing during their employment.


Background Checks: Criminal and civil background checks required, including compliance with Megan’s Law.


Hiring Preference: The Pauma Band of Mission Indians is an equal opportunity employer.  Consistent with the federal law, The Pauma Band of Mission Indians exercises American Indian hiring preference to members of the Pauma Tribe and members of other federally recognized tribes who present proof of eligibility for Indian preference (25 CFR Ch 1 §170.914).   It is the policy of the Pauma Band of Mission Indians to give preference in hiring, promotions, and transfers into vacant positions to qualified applicants in the following order: 1) Pauma Tribal Members; 2) Pauma Tribal Member Spouses; 3) non-member American Indians.


Application Process: Fax – (760) 742-3422 – or e-mail – ccollazo@pauma-nsn.gov – an employment application to the Pauma Tribal Office. In addition to these documents, please include as appropriate: university transcripts, applicable certificates, and letters and/or contacts of reference.

Salary range: 60,000- 83,000

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