POSITION: Chief Judge
COMPENSATION: Contract position – Contract rates shall be subject to the terms of an individual contract

Pursuant to the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians’ Judicial Ordinance and substantive laws, the
Tribal Court has jurisdiction over any matters filed directly with the Court, those transferred from
another tribal or state court, and those referred to it by the Óomish Yáamish Peacemaker
Court. The purpose of the Tribal Court is to provide a tribal forum where matters involving child
welfare, including children in need of care, adoption, child support and child custody; disputes
regarding tribally-approved business leases; claims pursuant to the Pechanga Employment Claims
Act; appeals of the Band’s exercise of eminent domain; appeals from the Band’s Trust Review
Board; cases arising from the Band’s Tribal Tax Code; and disputes arising from the Pechanga Band
Member Health Program, can be heard and addressed according to Pechanga Tribal law, custom
and tradition. All cases will be initially assigned to the Chief Judge, who may assign cases to any
Associate Judges or judges Pro-Tem depending on the circumstances. As an officer of the Pechanga
Tribal Court, the Chief Judge will support and defend the sovereignty and Constitution and
Bylaws, of the Pechanga Band, and its traditions, customs, and Tribal laws. In addition to those
responsibilities, the Chief Judge is responsible for the duties and responsibilities listed below.

• Minimum age requirement is twenty-five (25) years of age.
• Must be of good moral character and integrity.
• Must have graduated from an accredited law school.
• Must have a minimum of five (5) years experience in the practice of law.
• Must be in good standing with a bar of a federally recognized Indian Tribe or any state.
• Must be capable of carrying out the duties of the Chief Judge’s office.
• Must never have been convicted of a felony offense.
• Must be familiar with the provisions of the Judicial Ordinance, Óomish Yáamish
Peacemaker Code, Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians Court Procedures, all applicable
substantive laws of the Band, federal law applicable to the Reservation, Pechanga Band of
Luiseño Indians customs and traditions, and any other relevant tribal law, resolutions or
executive orders.
• Tribal Member applicants must be in “good standing” with the Pechanga Band of Luiseño
• Must be able to avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
• Must possess and maintain a valid drivers’ license and provide proof of insurance.

• Exercise considerable independent judgement in managing the docket of the Tribal court,
ruling on motions and adjudicatory cases, conduct hearings and decide cases in a fair and
impartial manner.
• Provide a tribal forum to resolve legal issues involving child welfare matters; child custody
and child support; guardianship and adoption of minors; child welfare issues involving
domestic violence, facts of birth and emancipation matters; business leases; employment
matters; eminent domain; appeals from the Trust Review Board; cases arising from the
Tribal Tax Code; disputes arising from the Pechanga Band Member Health Program; and
any other subject matter as directed by the General Membership.
• Presides at all hearings before the Tribal Court under applicable Tribal law and disposes
of cases.
• Assign cases to Associate Judges or Judges Pro-Tem as deemed necessary.
• Supervise the activities of the Tribal Court and any Associate Judges or Judges Pro-Tem.
• Issues subpoenas, stay away, contempt, protection and detention orders, as well as any
other orders of the Court deemed appropriate.
• Draft and issue opinions of the Court as necessary and appropriate.
• Draft and issue orders of the Court.
• Ability to interview individuals of many different ages and education levels, review legal
files and other records, prior to compiling factual data.
• Draft Rules of Court for the Tribal Court, which shall be approved by the Tribal Council.
• Develop and implement court policies and procedures, which shall be approved by the
Tribal Council.
• Performs other job related duties and special projects as assigned.
• The duties and responsibilities listed above are intended only as illustrations of the various
types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does
not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment
to the position.

• Must maintain strict confidentiality of all matters.
• Must have knowledge and a level of proficiency with MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and
PowerPoint is required.
• Must possess strong oral and written communication skills.
• Must be able to work independently and in a team environment.
• Must be able to manage multiple projects and prioritize workload.
• Good interpersonal skills: tact, patience, flexibility, and ability to maintain professional
demeanor at all times.

Following selection and prior to assuming the duties of Chief Judge, the Chief Judge shall be
appointed by the Pechanga Tribal Council with approval from the General Membership. The Chief Judge must abide by the Judge’s Oath of Office; shall be bound by all the provisions of the
Pechanga Tribal Official Code of Conduct Ordinance; and all the requirements of the Judicial
• Background Investigation is required
• Must comply with the Pechanga Tribal Government Drug Free Workplace Act Policy.
• This is a contracted position and not an employment arrangement with the Pechanga
• Compensation to be billed at the contracted rate on an hourly basis and consistent with
available grant funding and applicable federal rules and regulations.

About Pechanga Tribal Government

CLOSING DATE – Until Filled:
To be eligible, the Pechanga Tribal Government Human Resources Department must receive
resumes and letters of interest.


Fax: 951-587-2209

Hiring Preference: The Pechanga Tribal Government is an equal opportunity employer.  Consistent with federal law, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians applies Indian preference in employment.  It is the policy of the Pechanga Tribal Government to give preference in hiring, promotions, and transfers into vacant positions to qualified applicants in the following order: 1) Pechanga Tribal Members; 2) Pechanga Tribal Member Spouses; 3) non-member American Indians.  Drug Testing: The Pechanga Tribal Government is a drug-free workplace.  All employees are subject to drug testing.  Background Investigation: All candidates and employees may be subject to a background investigation.