Under varying levels of supervision, participates in all phases of emergency operations during an assigned shift to protect life, property, and the environment; participates in all suppression, advanced life support medical care, and hazardous materials abatement; performs fire prevention inspections; participates in and presents public education programs; participates in training activities; performs station and equipment maintenance, and cleans and maintains station quarters and grounds; performs related work as required.

Firefighter paramedic is a multi-incumbent safety class with duties related specifically to the protection of life and property under emergency situations.

·         Respond as a team member on an assigned company for emergency and non-emergency operations.

·         Perform firefighting activities to include laying hose, setting ladders, rescue work, ventilation and fire combat/containment/extinguishment tasks.

·         Familiarize oneself with the rules and regulations of the department, and follow the instructions of the captain or supervisor-in-charge or standard procedures while performing all duties.

·         Participate in all aspects of fire department activities to include fire suppression, hose evolutions, laddering, use of special equipment, hazardous materials abatement, and fire prevention duties.

·         Assist in the planning of and participates in drills and other training activities to learn and improve firefighting tactics.

·         Participate in routine non-emergency activities to include fire prevention inspections, code enforcement and drills/training, PR events, EMS stand by services, and wellness checks.

·         Participate in and presents educational and public relations programs to the community on safety, fire prevention and other topics.

·         Perform salvage operations to include sweeping water and removing debris. Operates a variety of hand and power tools.

·         Perform in-station activities to include cleaning and washing walls and floors, maintaining living areas, caring for station grounds, making minor repairs to the station, requisitioning supplies and assisting with meal preparation.

·         Wash, clean, polish, maintain and test apparatus and equipment, makes minor repairs to apparatus/equipment and documents and submits repair requests.

·         Relieve a fire engineer as assigned and drives/operates a fire engine, other vehicles and equipment.

·         Lift and move objects weighing 75 pounds or less on a regular basis, performs strenuous physical activities and in an emergency drags or carries victims.

·         Respond to alarms off duty when called, will perform paramedic duties as assigned.

·         Assist in supervising and training firefighters during their evaluation period.

·         Provide emergency medical care and advanced life support; these services shall be provided as a firefighter of an engine company.

·         Maintain EMS apparatus, equipment, and supplies including ALS drugs and narcotics.

·         Operate emergency medical equipment; relay vital signs by radio to doctors at base hospitals and gives emergency treatment and medication under doctor’s orders; immobilize patients and as an ambulance paramedic, assists in transports to emergency medical facilities.

·         Participate in the Pechanga Fire Department Paramedic Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program and completes reviews in a timely fashion per EMS policy.

·         Drive and operate the Ambulance/Squad unit as assigned.

·         Accurately completes patient care reports (PCRs) and other medical documentation as required; documentation will be completed in a timely fashion per EMS policy.

·         Perform any and all duties of the quality customer service program or as otherwise specified by the fire chief.

·         Keep his/her contact information updated with both the State EMS Authority (Title 22, §100165(g)) and REMSA. In addition, changes in address, phone number, employment, and any other contact information must be reported to REMSA within thirty

(30) days of occurrence. Failure to maintain updated information with either or both agencies can result in an individual’s failure to receive or respond to notices, practice updates, and formal (licensure/accreditation) actions.

·         Perform all duties and responsibilities in a safe and responsible manner.

·         Must adhere to all policies and procedures of the Pechanga Tribal Government.

·         High School diploma or CHSPE certificate.

·         Must be eighteen (18) years of age at time of application.

·         Must possess a valid driver’s license.

·         When applicable, a lateral position must have 2 years of experience as a full time firefighter paramedic.

·         Must possess a current paramedic license issued by a California Emergency Medical Services Authority at time of employment or within 30 days of employment, and maintain throughout employment in this position.

·         Must possess a current paramedic card issued by Riverside EMS agency within 45 days of employment and maintain throughout employment in this position.

·         Must possess a current ACLS card, PALS card, and ITLS or PHTLS within 30 days of employment and maintain throughout employment in this position.

·         Valid CPR and AHA or Red Cross Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers (BLS) certifications at time of employment and throughout employment in this position.

·         Completion of a California State Accredited Firefighter Academy or California State Fire Marshal Firefighter I Certification.

·         Possession of Hazardous Materials First Responder Operational Certificate (HAZ-MAT FRO).

·         Possession of Confined Space Rescue Awareness Certificate.

·         Must be willing to work shifts as structured by the fire department.

·         Must be willing to work overtime as directed.

·         This position must comply with the Pechanga Tribal Government’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy. This includes: pre-employment testing, post-accident or injury, and random testing.

·         Must pass an application review, pre-employment assessment test, fire chief interview, and medical and background investigation.

·         Valid CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test) or PAT (Biddle) issued within the last twelve (12) months. Candidates obtaining a certification after the application filing date will be required to submit valid certification upon arrival at their scheduled interview

·         Must pass the annual breathing apparatus respiratory protection plan medical questionnaire for unrestricted use of respiratory protective devices.

·         Must pass department annual fit for duty standard.

·         Must pass 12 month evaluation period for open position. When applicable, a lateral position must pass a 6 month evaluation period.

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Hiring Preference: The Pechanga Tribal Government is an equal opportunity employer.  Consistent with federal law, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians applies Indian preference in employment.  It is the policy of the Pechanga Tribal Government to give preference in hiring, promotions, and transfers into vacant positions to qualified applicants in the following order: 1) Pechanga Tribal Members; 2) Pechanga Tribal Member Spouses; 3) non-member American Indians.  Drug Testing: The Pechanga Tribal Government is a drug-free workplace.  All employees are subject to drug testing.  Background Investigation: All candidates and employees may be subject to a background investigation.