The Comprehensive Teacher Support (CTS) will provide assistance and support to the day-to-day
operations of the Pechanga Chámmakilawish School. The CTS will perform a variety of duties that
includes but are not limited to the following: provide assistance to Teachers in the classroom relating
to curriculum, classroom preparations, cultural activities, and classroom instruction. Assist with
scheduling, preparations, and the implementation of school activities, field trips, projects,
celebrations, and holiday and school functions. The CTS will provide back-up support due to
absences, in the areas of substitute teaching, school office clerical duties, and the school cafeteria. In
addition, the CTS will assist on a regular basis with playground supervision during recess and student

• Assist with various school activities, including field trips, events, celebrations, and holiday
and school functions.
• Assist with teaching Luiseño language and culture.
• Attend to children’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.
• Provide playground supervision while students are on recess and during student lunchtime.
• Work with individual students or small groups to reinforce learning materials or skills
introduced by the teacher.
• Participate in classroom cultural related activities.
• Assist with PE instruction, sports and physical games. Duties include but are not limited to
physical play, coaching, promoting physical activity, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.
• Work as a substitute teacher in the event a teacher is absent.
• Assist in the maintenance of acceptable classroom behavior.
• Assist the Cook when directed and when filling in during absences, to prepare and execute
daily lunches and snacks using fresh and healthy products.
• Assist the Cook when directed and when filling in during absences, to prepare for special
activities and refreshments for field trips, field days, school celebrations, etc. This may
require assisting with the planning, decorating and shopping for necessary items needed to
ensure the success of the celebration.
• Ensure that compliance standards for food handling, food production, and food storage are
met at all times
• Provide clerical support when requested to include answering phones, typing, proofreading,
filing, and the verification and recording of information.
• Assist with the coordination and organization of school supplies and materials.
• Must adhere to all policies and procedures of the Pechanga Tribal Government and the
Chámmakilawish Pechanga School Handbook.

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