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PROPOSAL DUE DATE: January 15, 2021 5:00 pm PST. Email (electronic) responses are required.

Potlatch Fund is a Native-led nonprofit whose mission is to expand philanthropy within Tribal Nations and Native Communities in the Northwest by inspiring and building upon the Native tradition of giving. We provide grants, training and technical assistance, and leadership development opportunities to Tribal communities and Native nonprofits in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.


Potlatch Fund is requesting qualifications an Indigenous Evaluation Consultant, preferably one familiar with Seattle’s urban Indigenous population. The Consultant will be responsible for developing an evaluation plan for the Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits (SUNN) Collaborative, a collective of Native-led and Native-serving organizations working to advance the health and well-being of urban American Indian and Alaska Native people in Seattle-King County through leadership development, training, and collective advocacy. The purpose of the evaluation for the SUNN Collaborative is to: 1) better understand how program activities build collective power in order to advocate for the urban Indian community in the philanthropic and public sectors; 2) identify areas for growth; and, 3) provide evaluation metrics for use as a baseline to track our work improving the health and well-being of American Indian and Alaska Native people in the Seattle-King County area.

Seattle Urban Native Non-profit (SUNN) Collaborative is composed of 12 nonprofit organizations and Tribes within King County who serve American Indian and Alaska Native peoples in Seattle and King County. SUNN uses a two-pronged approach:

1)      Capacity Building — the SUNN Collaborative is an advocate for the urban Indian community in the public and philanthropic sectors through leadership development, training, collective strategic planning, and sustainability planning.

2)      Education and Advocacy — the SUNN Collaborative works with policy decision makers on the collective priority issues through policy analysis and monitoring, grassroots mobilization, and collective advocacy campaigns. The SUNN Policy Profile has identified education, arts and culture, and health as the top priorities for the collaborative to address within the community. The collective strategies developed will improve outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native people in these issue areas.

The Indigenous Evaluation (Consultant) will develop and implement a detailed evaluation plan in concert with the SUNN Evaluation Committee and the Potlatch Fund. The plan will be in alignment with SUNN workplan and focus on four Indigenous Evaluation principles:

1)      Community is created wherever Native people are

2)      Resilient and strength-based Decolonizing data

3)      Centering of the community

Potential evaluation tools may include pre-post surveys, change stories, and group reflections among other agreed on methods. Evaluation data will be collected and analyzed by the Consultant and presented to Potlatch Fund and

the SUNN Collaborative. Evaluation findings will be used to identify continuous process improvements and adjustments to program activities that will then be implemented by Potlatch Fund and the SUNN Collaborative on a continuous basis. Based on the initial evaluation findings, the Potlatch Fund and the SUNN Evaluation Committee will work with the Consultant to update the evaluation plan, including design additional evaluation tools, conduct subsequent evaluations, analyses and reporting, and develop a dissemination plan for sharing and receiving comments of findings. If successful, the Consultant may be retained on an annual basis to track change stemming from SUNN Collaborative program activities as the Collaborative progresses.

Start Date February 1, 2021

BUDGET: $45,000 – $50,000 Contract.

Consultant will furnish all qualified personnel, facilities, equipment, and supplies to perform the project unless otherwise negotiated and agreed to by Potlatch Fund. The exception will be for any SUNN communication content materials.

·         A minimum of 3 years professional evaluation experience

·         Well versed in Indigenous evaluation methodologies

·         Ability to work well in a team and with a broad range of people

·         Self-motivated and ability to problem solve

·         American Indian/ Alaska Native/ Native/First Nations/Indigenous persons encouraged to apply.

·         Experience with Urban Native community a plus.

Each proposal must include the following information presented in the order and format shown below, not to exceed a total of 5 pages.

A.     Section I – Proposal format
Qualifications: include a list of personnel to be involved in this project and qualifications of each person. For yourself and any key personnel, please provide: resume/CV, including education, background, accomplishments, and any other pertinent information. If there are no key personnel, employees, or sub-contractors, then please state information requested about yourself and your business.

Experience: state professional and organizational experience that is relevant to the proposed project.

B.     Section II- Cost proposal (REQUIRED- proposals will be deemed non-responsive without this information)
Please state the total dollar amount you do not intend to exceed for completing the project. Please provide, as much detail as you believe will assist Potlatch Fund in evaluating your proposal. An itemized cost statement must be submitted that includes all persons performing work on the project, estimate of hours, and hourly rates. Equipment, supplies, and facilities may be included in the cost statement. Potlatch Fund understands that because of the nature of this proposal, there are unknown factors determining the total cost. A “not to exceed amount” however is required for all proposals.

Please submit all materials electronically by email to Mary Kummer, Potlatch Fund atMary@potlatchfund.org.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 360.692.9487.

a.     Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits Evaluation Plan

b.     Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits Overview

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The SUNN Collaborative builds collective power in partnership with our Seattle-King County Native community through Native leadership and policy advocacy to advance our health, well-being, and inherent responsibilities. We envision a healthy, safe, and thriving Native community collectively engaged in honoring our vibrant and diverse cultures in a gathering place and forum that both symbolizes, unites, and galvanizes the beauty, resilience, power, and sacredness of our being.