POSITION:               Special Revenue Accountant, American Rescue Plan Funds


LOCATION:             Red Cliff Tribal Administration


SALARY:                  $18.00 per hour, plus benefits


SUPERVISOR(S):    Senior Accountant




JOB SUMMARY:  Position is responsible for general daily monitoring, reconciliation,

reporting, and fiscal oversight of American Rescue Plan funds. Responsible for performing reoccurring accounting functions for additional assigned revenue groups.



1.      Develop, verify, and maintain reports using MIP Accounting Software.

2.      Provide financial technical assistance to Administration and complete all financial reporting.

3.      Responsible for computing and reconciliation of revenue draws.

4.      Responsible for management of accounts payable.

5.      Participate in departmental continuous improvement team activities.

6.      Participate in training activities to enhance knowledge of team skills, and systems functionality.

7.      Provide information to Tribal Administration, Finance Manager, Compliance, Treasurer, and Senior Accountant as required.

8.      The above duties and responsibilities are not an all-inclusive list but rather a general representation of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position. The duties and responsibilities will be subject to change based on organizational needs and/or deemed necessary by the supervisor.





1.      General Accounting Principles and Standards.

2.      Have experience and knowledge of computer accounting systems.

3.      Develop financial status reports for supervisor, Tribal Council and funding agencies.

4.      Must be able to work well in a team setting and recognize problem and conflict resolution skills.

5.      Knowledge of Native American Tribes and the uniqueness of the Red Cliff Community.



1.      High school diploma, HSED, or GED required.

2.      Associate Degree in Accounting or related field preferred OR a minimum of 1 year of experience in accounting (preferably Tribal government).

3.      Experience in computerized accounting systems required.

4.      Experience in Microsoft Office programs, especially Excel and Word are required.

5.      Must possess strong analytical, numerical, reasoning, and decision-making abilities.

6.      Must be able to work well in a team setting and possess problem and conflict resolution skills.

7.      Valid driver’s license and at least liability insurance; preferred.


PERSONAL CONTACTS: Tribal Administration, Finance, Compliance, Council, Department Staff, funding agencies, and customers.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  The duties assigned to this position involve bending,

stooping, lifting, and carrying. Items may be placed on overhead storage. Weights to be carried are usually less than 50 pounds. Primarily sedentary work.


WORK ENVIRONMENT:  Red Cliff Tribal Administration. Work setting must be maintained as a clean, nonsmoking, well ventilated area in compliance with all applicable safety regulations. All tribal buildings are smoke free.


TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:  The ability to travel and attend meetings and trainings;

overnight and out of town, both locally & nationally. Attend Tribal Council meetings as



BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDE:  The vision, goals and objectives of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa requires that the employee performs in both a professional and personable manner.  The manner in which the employee relates to fellow employees, customers and visitors is considered parallel in importance to technical knowledge and ability.  Respect and consideration given to the dignity of each customer, visitor and fellow employee is a requisite of successful job performance. Any behavior or attitude that tarnishes the image or name of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa will be subject to immediate disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Indian preference will be applied in the case of equally qualified applicants, but all qualified applicants will be considered.


This job description is subject to change at employer’s discretion, after consultation with the employee.


APPLICATION SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: The following items are required for this position:

1.      Completed Tribal Application, to include work history and references, available on the Tribal website.

2.      Tribal Background Investigation Disclosure; available on the Tribal website.

3.      Consent to Release Liability and Reference Information Form; available on the Tribal website.

4.      Cover letter and resume.

5.      Post-secondary transcripts or certifications; if applicable.


POSTING DATE:    June 11, 2021

DEADLINE:             June 25, 2021 @ 4:00 p.m.




Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Human Resources

88455 Pike Road

Bayfield, WI 54814



(715)779-3700 ext. 4268 or 4267


The Red Cliff Tribal Council has a Drug Free Work Place Policy and adheres to the intent of the Drug Free Work Place Act.  All new hires are subject to a drug test prior to starting.


All applicants for employment with the Red Cliff Tribe will be subject to the background investigation and other requirements of RCCL Chapter 43, and are under a continuing obligation to supplement this application for employment with information concerning any convictions that occur after commencement of employment with the Tribe.




1.      A Health Insurance Plan which is through the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB). FEHB is offered for both single and family coverage. Employees considered to be full time status will be required to pay 12% of the premium for the plan selected.

2.      The Dental package is through Delta Dental. This benefit is offered at no cost to the employees with single or family medical coverage.

3.      Short Term Disability is offered to all employees at no cost and pays 60 % of weekly pay for a maximum of 90 days if you get sick or injured off the job.

4.      Life insurance of $15,000 is included at no cost to all employees. Spouses are covered at $7,500.00 and children are prorated. Employees can purchase additional life insurance from the plan provider at their own cost.

5.      Profit Sharing Plan with a 401(k) component is offered to employees after one year of work, with a minimum of 1000 hours. The Tribe puts 3% of employee’s wages into the Profit Sharing Plan.

6.      The Tribe also offers General Leave to Full time employees. Employees will accrue 16 hours of General Leave per month and can accumulate up to 192 hours per year. After 5 years of employment, General Leave goes up to 20 hours per month with a maximum of 240 hours.

7.      The Tribe observes a total of 11 paid holidays.


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