The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (“Tribe”) is a self-governing nation and as such has established tribal-managed governmental units to enhance and support services on the San Manuel reservation. The San Manuel Tribal Gaming Commission (“SMTGC”) is the governmental unit that was created by tribal ordinance as the primary regulator of gaming activities within the Tribe’s jurisdiction. The SMTGC, which includes the Compliance Department, is responsible for maintaining legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring a high level of game integrity, preventing fraud, waste and abuse, and safeguarding Tribal assets, employees and patrons.

Under the direction of the Gaming Technical Supervisor, the Gaming Compliance Technician I (“Technician”) is responsible for regulating all gaming devices (Class II and Class III) within the SMTGC’s jurisdiction, including slot machines, gaming peripherals, shuffling devices, electronic table games devices, cash dispensing units, server based games and gaming systems. The Technician performs jackpot verifications, technical assessments, logic access and software inventory. The position is also responsible for monitoring the gaming floor, which includes certifying gaming devices, performing technical analysis and taking regulatory action as necessary to maintain compliance with strong regulatory controls.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

1. Ensures gaming devices are available for commercial operation and contain certified hardware and software with verified software installed.  Safeguards gaming devices by sealing secured area(s), confirming all locking mechanisms are engaged, and verifying security sensor(s) are operating as the manufacturer designed.  Validates that gaming devices and associated peripherals are set up and operating appropriately, including confirming  correct optioning, communication, pay table results, generation of accounting records, validation of currency and instruments, display of game rules, and that input device labels match functions.  Ensures no gaming device is offered for play until satisfying all Tribal-State Compact and other regulatory requirements.  Makes recommendations for regulatory action or troubleshoot gaming devices as needed.  Verifies and documents total number of Class III gaming devices to ensure compliance with Tribal-State Compact limits. Partners with the Gaming Operation and vendors to expedite gaming device projects, repairs, and investigations to find legitimate solutions for maintaining fully operational gaming floor to support Tribal Government’s economic development objective.

2. Researches, investigates and documents any unauthorized changes, unusual trends, problems, revoked software and overall maintenance condition of gaming devices; updates team on all new applicable information.  Performs technical investigations into suspected malfunctions or cheating activities related to gaming devices.  Seizes gaming devices when necessary, taking care not to corrupt evidence or compromise investigation; sends devices to testing labs for independent forensics.  Gathers evidence and prepares technical assessment reports for regulatory hearings, civil cases and criminal prosecution.

3. Performs routine preventive maintenance on secured areas of gaming technology controlled by SMTGC.  Adheres to industry standard practices for electrostatic discharge.  Upholds and fulfills preventative maintenance program implemented by SMTGC for controlled areas of gaming devices to ensure compliance with manufacturers’ specifications.

4. Reviews, examines, researches and interprets technical standards, product manuals, certification letters, Probability Accounting Report (PAR) sheets, game rules, product notices, revocation alerts, wiring diagrams and design schematics; utilizes information to evaluate gaming devices in SMBMI Jurisdiction for integrity, security and fairness.

5. Learns new technology, retains product knowledge, and maintains regulatory oversight of technology, software, diagnostic menus, game play, and platform features for all gaming products operating in SMBMI Jurisdiction.

6. Responds to all jackpot winnings in excess of $100,000 (within ten minutes); performs software verification and determines legitimacy of winnings without corrupting evidence (within 15 minutes). Performs accurate technical analyses; produces reports detailing device behavior, technical functions and game rules in order to resolve patron disputes.

7. Observes and evaluates Lead Slot Technicians, Cash Dispensing Unit Technicians, Slot Management, and licensed vendor technicians to ensure their actions are appropriate and prevent any negative influence on game integrity.  Monitors and interacts with Gaming Operation to ensure gaming floor is operating according to established department policies and procedures; confirms all SMTGC regulations and requirements are being satisfied.

8. Maintains accurate software inventories, ensuring physical counts mirror database records; identifies quantities, locations, program numbers and installations.  Verifies all software shipments; confirms quantities and program IDs match invoices and transfer documentation.  Validates that all gaming software and hardware is certified by a recognized and qualified test laboratory.

9. Performs other duties as assigned to support efficient operation of Department.


  • High School Diploma or GED and a minimum of three (3) years of hands-on experience in an IT, Gaming, Regulatory, or Engineering environment required, or;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (IT) or Engineering and a minimum of one (1) year of hands-on experience in an IT, Gaming, Regulatory, or Engineering environment required.
  • Equivalent combination of education and progressive, relevant and direct experience may be considered in lieu of educational requirement.
  • Experience in the gaming technology industry with advanced technical skills is highly preferred.
  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook required.
  • Advanced proficiency in internet research mandatory.
  • A+ or N+ certification preferred.


  • At the discretion of the San Manuel Tribal Gaming Commission you may be required to obtain and maintain a gaming license.
  • A qualified candidate/employee must have and maintain a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record as determined by the enterprise’s insurance carrier.

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and San Manuel Casino will make reasonable accommodations in compliance with applicable law.

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