Position:         Facility Operations Manager

Department:  Santa Ysabel Botanical Facility

Reports To:     Facility General Manager


Position Summary:

The Operations Manager of the Santa Ysabel Botanical Facility, under the direction of the Facility General Manager, is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the Facility by ensuring that all processes related to facility and tenant operations run smoothly and as designed.



Duties and Responsibilities: (Specific areas of responsibility included but not limited to)


Day-to-day management, as delegated by the Facility General Manager, of the operations at the Santa Ysabel Botanical Facility (SYBF)

Prepare business documents, reports, logs, correspondence, and service requests as directed by the Facility General Manager or necessary for the effective operation of the SYBF

Oversee operations of Iipay Nation-owned tenants of the SYBF

Contract with service vendors, equipment suppliers, and business services to support SYBF operations

Ensure the protection of Iipay Nation natural resources, Tribal assets, and proprietary documents and processes at the SYBF

Effectively supervise SYBF personnel; scheduling, administrative processes, HR responsibilities, and disciplinary actions

Assist in resolving business disputes between SYBF tenants

Monitor SYBF facilities and equipment and ensure that deficiencies and malfunctions are adequately addressed

Comply with directives of the Santa Ysabel Cannabis Regulatory Agency (TCRA)

Cooperate with all Santa Ysabel TCRA investigations

Oversee training of SYBF employees as required by the Santa Ysabel TCRA and Facility Policies and Procedures

Assist the Facility General Manager in developing and implementing SYBF policies and procedures

Assist the Facility General Manager in compiling information requested by the Iipay Nation Tribal Council and Tribal Development Corporation, concerning facility operations, financial reports, tenant contract issues, and any other matter requested by Tribal Council and Tribal Development Corporation.


Mandatory Requirements:


Ability to generate, read and comprehend documents such as business proposals and contracts, financial reports, and cannabis-specific industry information.

Ability to write business reports and complete data-tracking instruments, such as Excel spreadsheets

Business supervisory experience preferred

Excellent verbal and written communications skills required

Exceptional interpersonal skills required

Ability to apply common sense reasoning to a variety of situations and carry out instructions in writing, oral, or diagram form in a professional manner

Must be able to work under pressure and in environmentally challenging conditions

Must have a valid Driver’s License

Must be in good physical condition to perform job duties. The Operations Manager is required to talk, listen, stand, and walk for prolonged period of time.

Must be able to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds

High School Diploma or G.E.D. required



Revised: 8-29-2019

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