Job Announcement


Position Title:            ROAM Program Director/Driver

Department:              Medical

Supervised By:         Chief Operations Officer

Location:                    Mobile Unit

Status:                        Exempt

Posted:                       June 5, 2018

Closing Date:            Until Filled

Compensation:         $40,000-$60,000/DOE

Grant:                         Grant Funded

Hours:                                    Full time, Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-4:30PM

Flexible to suit program requirements





The ROAM Program Director/Driver assists the Chief Operations Officer in all areas of the overall administration and management of the health care delivery system of the ROAM project.  This includes establishing and maintaining standards and efficiency in all medical and operational areas of the program. The ROAM Program Manager/Driver oversees the programs with the department directors: Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Family Services Outreach, Nutrition, and Transportation departments.




Coordinates resources for departments supervised including personnel, facilities, budgets, and revenue/earnings. Performs management evaluations, program and process development, cost/expense allocation, and advisory work.
Communicates with SIHC administration and /or outside emergency services as appropriate for a remote clinic, for man-made or natural situations which threaten the safety of the clinic.
Deal with patient complaints in a manner that is both satisfying to the patient and incorporative of information learned from the complaint process into improvements in the clinic procedures.
Monitors equipment maintenance and conditions, anticipating maintenance or component replacement such that no lapses in services occur.
Assists the Chief Operations Officer in directing and evaluating short and long-range planning using strategic analysis models and contingency planning; makes recommendations and prepares plans of actions regarding priorities; and works closely in the development and implementation of such plans.
Plans, directs, implements, and evaluates the systematic and coordinated delivery of the highest level of clinical and preventative ambulatory health services within the guidelines of the program in the absence of the Chief Operations Officer. Guidelines shall include but are not limited to: Program Administration Manuals, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), contract requirements and regulations, appropriate Tribal ordinances, and applicable county, state, and federal laws.
Serves as the organization’s representative at the local, regional, or national level when assigned.
Provides month end reports to the Chief Operation Officer, Executive Director and Board of Directors regarding accomplishments and/or deficiencies in reference to the program service components supervised, including designated projects, and any other responsibilities applicable at the time.
Other duties as assigned.


Experience/Education:  Must have FOUR (4) years experience working in a public health or health service agency with progressive responsibility for day-to-day management of medical and/or dental unit. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration OR Hospital Administration OR in Public Health preferred.


Knowledge:  The Program Director/Driver must have a thorough working knowledge of the purpose, priority, needs, and mission of the organization. Must have the ability to conduct strategic planning, implementation programs, policies, and priorities associated with the delivery of health care services in a manner consistent with the health care needs of Tribes, Indian People, and the general public.


Must have administrative experience which includes developing management and performance standards, departmental policies and procedures. Contract and grant proposal development and compliance is preferred. Must have leadership ability to direct the successful accomplishment of the organization plans through multiple health care professionals and support staff. Must evaluate program accomplishments for the Chief Operations Officer, Executive Director and Board of Directors.


License:  A valid California driver’s license and a good driving record will be required at the time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment.

Applicant must be insurable under SIHC vehicle insurance policy at the time of hire and throughout employment.

Certifications and/or licenses appropriate to the positions required education and profession must also be valid and maintained.


Character:  Responsible and able to exercise a high level of judgment, accept supervision, and exercise a high level of accuracy and organization. Interested and knowledgeable about the local Indian community. Able to maintain strict confidentiality. Ability to communicate and deal effectively with people in a professional and courteous manner.


Other:  Applicants must successfully pass a tuberculin skin test or x-ray, and blood/urine screening test. Health must be adequate to perform all duties. Applicants must complete a SIHC application and submit it to Human Resources.


INDIAN PREFERENCE: In the filling of any SIHC job vacancy, preference may be given to qualified Native American Indians, pursuant to  the Indian Preference Hiring Act, 25 USC 472,  unless other laws require the filling of a vacancy without regard to Indian preference (e.g.   Public Law (P.L.) 94-437, “Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA).   To receive Indian preference for any SIHC position, the applicant must be enrolled, or be eligible for enrollment, as an American Indian with their Tribe, or must be certified as an American Indian from the designated Tribal Representative. Applicants claiming Indian preference must attach verification of their claim to the SIHC application, including Certification of form BIA-4432, which is available from the SIHC Human Resources Department. If verification is not or cannot be verified, the applicant will not receive Indian preference for purposes of the interview.



This is a four-year grant funded position starting July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2022.