Seeking Call Center representatives for digital products (phone, cable, internet, etc.) to participate in virtual study on digital/online usage during the pandemic with The Green Room Collective. This is a one hour session on Google Meet.

In doing so, TGRC is interested in speaking with a variety of different people from all over the country, all different ages, backgrounds, perspectives, etc. We do have a pre-interview survey that will need to be completed over email or on the phone that only takes 5-10 minutes. We’re just ensuring that we have an array of people and perspectives in the group that is interviewed

No one’s name, personal information, company information or viewpoints will not be shared outside of this study. TGRC is very flexible on scheduling times – during the day or evenings. We understand that there are schedules to be worked around and want to do our best to accommodate the participants, which is a lot easier to do with the virtual aspect.

Participants will be paid with a $50 electronic gift card following their session.

Email jennifer@thegreenroomcollective.com for more information.