The Pathways Recent Graduate Program is for recently graduated or graduating individuals who are looking for developmental experiences in the Federal Government intended to promote possible careers in the civil service.

Provides technical assistance to staff for conducting resource assessments and the development of conservation planning alternatives on woodlands, utilizing guidance in applicable NRCS handbooks and the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG).
Monitors programs and policies of Federal and state agencies on forestland use and management, including applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations to inform supervisor of potential conflicts or opportunities for collaboration.
Conducts resource inventories, obtains planning information, identifies conservation opportunities, and assists in developing conservation plans and contracts consistent with land use needs and NRCS policy.
Utilizes NRCS computer tools such as ArcGIS, and Progress Reporting System to document plans and their implementation.
Contacts natural resource agencies (State Department of Natural Resources, forestry contractors, consultants, conservation districts, etc.) to formulate conservation plans related to woodland planning and installation of forestry related practices.

About USDA-NRCS Indiana

With the mission of “Helping People Help the Land,” the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Indiana provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers and non-industrial forest managers to implement conservation practices to address natural resource concerns on their land related to soil health, water and air quality, and wildlife habitat as well as implement climate-smart agriculture practices. With our help, producers are better able to conserve, maintain or improve their natural resources. As a result of our technical and financial assistance, land managers and communities take a comprehensive approach to the use and protection of natural resources in rural, suburban, urban, and developing areas.

Indiana NRCS has personnel in USDA Service Centers who work with local conservation districts and other partners to serve farmers and landowners throughout the state.