Positions filled utilizing Pathways Student Internship Authority, providing students enrolled in a variety of educational institutions, from high school to graduate level, with paid work opportunities in federal agencies while in school.

This position is designed to provide a career-oriented introduction to the background, philosophy, concepts, and scope of the NRCS Soil Conservation Management Programs and a practical understanding of the policies of the employing organization.
Assists in program and conservation planning for a variety of soil and water practices such as terraces, diversions, waterways, farm drainage systems, and others.
Learns to perform surveys and set construction stakes for a variety of practices. May operate rod or chain or other specialized instruments to lay out simple practices.
Assignments are developmental in nature and, in conjunction with formal education, the Intern will gain the necessary competencies leading to conversion to a permanent professional position in Soil Conservation.
Work assignments are selected to ensure that the Intern receives on-the-job training and exposure to one or more program functions.
Receives training in the principles, concepts, work processes, and regulations of one or more functional areas of Soil Conservation and Biological Sciences.
As training advances and proficiency is demonstrated, work assignment are increasingly more demanding, and are designed to provide experience in a variety of activities.
On a scheduled basis, following the Pathways Participant Agreement, receives assignments in various Soil Conservation and Biological Sciences functions.
Receives formal and on-the-job training in OPM, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation Service policies, rules, regulations, and procedures
Is instructed on the use of personal computers, and file and data management.

About USDA-NRCS Indiana

With the mission of “Helping People Help the Land,” the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Indiana provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers and non-industrial forest managers to implement conservation practices to address natural resource concerns on their land related to soil health, water and air quality, and wildlife habitat as well as implement climate-smart agriculture practices. With our help, producers are better able to conserve, maintain or improve their natural resources. As a result of our technical and financial assistance, land managers and communities take a comprehensive approach to the use and protection of natural resources in rural, suburban, urban, and developing areas.

Indiana NRCS has personnel in USDA Service Centers who work with local conservation districts and other partners to serve farmers and landowners throughout the state.