Calibr, a division of Scripps Research (Calibr) is seeking a talented Associate Director to lead medicinal chemists within a dynamic, interdisciplinary team of scientists working as a team to develop new therapeutic approaches to unmet medical needs through early stage translational research.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Implement knowledge/expertise within a lab group/project team to successfully execute major parts of a project including a complement of technical and logistical/strategic activities. Examples may include:
• Hit list analysis and hit to lead chemistry
• Lead optimization program up to IND-enabling studies, including structure-based drug design
• Participate in decision-making processes within the project team by actively engaging in scientific and technical discussions
• Serve as a medicinal chemistry team leader across multiple programs
• Communicates (both in writing and verbally) project status, issues, schedule and accomplishments to various management and stakeholder groups in an effective manner, as needed
• Critically evaluates project data while rigorously driving data-driven Go/No-go decisions, including the identification of resource constraints and bottlenecks
• Promotes an overall group culture of agility, pro-action, collaboration, and innovation
• Mentors and develops individual talent capable of taking on future leadership roles.

Directs the appropriate use of FTE and budgetary resources to support project and institute goals. Able to think in terms of global long-term project goals as well as day-to-day lab goals/activities. Develops long-term plans and sets priorities within constraints of project goals/timelines. Independently designs, executes, interprets and reports results of work. Additionally, oversees consistency and accuracy of results and documentation. Expected to solve the majority of problems that arise with little supervisory input. Ensures escalation of issues and risks that significantly affect timelines.

Will communicate with colleagues, CRO personnel, and management teams to lead projects effectively.

Addresses problems of increasing complexity relative to those faced by lower levels. Responsible for collection of team reports, organization of project status presentations, and delivery to key stakeholders. Responsible for driving project timelines and benchmarks for success. Works within project teams to assess risks, identify key issues, and develop solutions. Activities are to be carried out efficiently in a scientifically rigorous manner.

Will supervise various lab personnel. May have oversight of CRO relationship working to ensure goals and timelines are met accordingly.

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