The Maximov laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) is seeking motivated postdoctoral fellows with prior experience in electrophysiology. Our group uses a multidisciplinary approach to study the molecular mechanisms of synapse formation and structural plasticity in the mammalian forebrain. Successful candidates will be expected to drive independent projects, and will have an opportunity to learn contemporary genetic, imaging and neurobehavioral techniques through collaborations with other lab members.

TSRI is one of the world’s top biomedical research institutes. Our laboratory is a part of the TSRI Dorris Neuroscience Center (DNC) in La Jolla that brings together investigators with interests in neural circuit formation, synaptic plasticity, sensory processing, learning and memory, and aging. New group members will have an excellent opportunity for career development in a highly collaborative environment. To learn more about TSRI, DNC and our lab, please visit:


Please apply with your CV, a brief statement of research interests, and the names of 2-3 supervisors and mentors who can be contacted for references.

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