The laboratory of Dr. Michael A. Erb is seeking motivated postdoctoral fellows interested in chemical biology and the therapeutic science of chromatin regulation. Our laboratory is interested in the molecular mechanisms governing chromatin-dependent transcriptional control and seeks to drug chromatin-associated vulnerabilities required for cancer cell survival. We apply cutting-edge genetic approaches for target identification and leverage high-throughput discovery chemistry to identify drugs able to intervene in pathogenic chromatin regulation. Coupling these small-molecule tools to integrative transcriptional genomics, we are able to identify the molecular mechanisms involved in physiologic and pathophysiologic transcriptional regulation.

Funded by the prestigious NIH Director’s Early Independence Award (https://commonfund.nih.gov/earlyindependence/AwardRecipients), the Erb Laboratory is eager to recruit curious and motivated postdoctoral fellows to the group. We are seeking individuals with training in biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, or chemistry who are interested in chemical biological investigation in a multidisciplinary group aimed at identifying novel therapeutic modalities for human cancers.

We are part of the Department of Chemistry at Scripps Research – a leading institute in the field of chemical biology – and have close relationships with investigators at Calibr – the drug discovery arm of Scripps Research. For more information about our laboratory, please visit:


Interested candidates should apply to this post or by sending a cover letter and CV to:


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