A postdoctoral position is available in the Encalada Laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, USA, in the areas of neurodegeneration, aging, and intracellular transport. Our lab is interested in characterizing the mechanisms of regulation of molecular motor-driven transport in neurons, the role that defective transport plays in neurodegeneration and aging, and the mechanisms of spreading of misfolded proteins involved in prion diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, transthyretin amyloidoses, and tauopathies. We also investigate the mechanisms of formation of liquid-liquid phase separations in neurodegeneration including in neuronal models that we have generated for various diseases. You will have the opportunity to do research in a superb intellectual setting at Scripps Research, by applying a combination of cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, and high-resolution quantitative light and EM microscopy to your research in various model systems including mammalian neurons, mice, and C. elegans.

The Scripps Research Institute is located in beautiful La Jolla, California, and is one of the world’s largest, private, non-profit research organizations that stands at the forefront of basic biomedical and translational science. The institute provides world-class resources and a cooperative, collaborative environment, which promotes the outstanding discoveries made here.

Interested candidates please send a CV with a list of publications, a brief statement of your previous research expertise, your postdoctoral research interests, and the contact information of three referees to Sandra Encalada at encalada@scripps.edu. For more information also please consult our website at http://www.scripps.edu/encalada/encalada/HOME.html

About The Scripps Research Institute

The Scripps Research Institute, one of the world's largest, private, non-profit research organizations, stands at the forefront of basic biomedical science, a vital segment of medical research that seeks to comprehend the most fundamental processes of life. Over the last decades, the institute has established a lengthy track record of major contributions to the betterment of health and the human condition.